Itinerary Highlights
    • Head into the Arctic Circle in northern Sweden and the Norwegian Lofoten Archipelago

    • Your nights in an ice hotel, a traditional 'rorbuer' (fishermens' cabins) and intimate lodges, our selection of exceptional pre-booked meals

    • Adopt Nordic lifestyle and learn how to get around in snowshoes, snowmobiles and sea kayaking

    • Our services include transport and access to our local Concierge

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Your winter beyond the Arctic Circle

Make it two trips in one, and visit differing places. Take two countries, but also two secluded regions: Swedish Lapland, which is more secluded than its northern neighbours, and the Norwegian Lofoten Archipelago in winter, to avoid crowds. Although its Scandinavian neighbours have been surfing the 'Lapland' wave for a long time, the Sweden's northern region is more discreet. Father Christmas holidays tend to focus on Finnish Lapland, while Swedish Lapland has the monopoly on more original accommodation. Adopt the Sami way of life as you would imagine it: outdoor experiences (dog sledding, snowmobiles, snowshoes), refreshing sauna, wood fire and soft rugs.
The Lofoten Islands are all about vast landscapes as far as the eye can see. With its grooved fjords, undulating meadows and fishing villages nestled in the coves, the archipelago lives up to expectations of the Scandinavia wilderness. And while the summer season is starting to attract crowds, winter guarantees peace and private explorations. As a result, this journey is aimed at pioneering, sporty types and food lovers and those in search of beautiful and varied landscapes. This is one of the highlights of these two regions, apart from the fact that you will encounter few visitors: the nature is very diverse.

Special accommodation, Nordic activities and gourmet food

To immerse yourself in the pristine scenery of these two northern regions, we have scheduled a summary of polar activities, starting with a snowmobile ride in Lapland. Another essential is snowshoeing, an attractive way to explore the landscapes of the Lofoten hinterland. The islands can also be discovered by sea in a kayak for a wonderful sense of freedom. After these offers, you will taste the delicate Nordic cuisine several times - three gourmet dinners in exclusive surroundings are already booked. Finally, while they are rare, these regions offer originally designed accommodation perfectly integrated into the environment and that makes this journey extra special. Exhibit A: the Ice Hotel which opens the trip, and the traditional rorbuer fishermen's cabin which rounds it off. We have set out some must-sees along the way but you are free to redesign them, add other experiences to your itinerary (dog sledding, riding, looking for the Northern Lights) or even extend the journey.


Everything is 100% tailored to you

Flight to Kiruna - Jukkasjarvi

Welcome on arrival in Kiruna and private transfer to Jukkasjarvi, where you stay for two nights near the Torne River, which provides the raw material for this unique and intimate structure. The rooms, facilities, furniture: the hotel is mostly carved from ice. A real ephemeral work of art (although nowadays parts of the hotel remains open all year). For added comfort, however, we have opted for a 'warm room', an organic cocoon lined with wood.
Already included in the itinerary - A gourmet dinner at the hotel's restaurant. The tasting menu takes you on a journey of discovery through regional flavours - reindeer meat, arctic char, lingonberries from the woods - worked with finesse by a Swiss Michelin star trained chef, all with Japanese notes.



In the itinerary - Travel by snowmobile. You'll pass by frozen lakes, rolling countryside and the Torne River. The panoramas dazzle all around, in tranquillity and silence. A fika break (typically Swedish snack, often sweet, and coffee) by the fireside is planned along the way.
Optional - A dog sledding safari.


Jukkasjarvi - Abisko

Private transfer to Kiruna Station and train (one hour) to Abisko National Park at the foot of the Scandinavian Mountains. Overnight in accommodation nestled in beautiful surroundings near Lake Tornetrask. The rooms are simple, comfortable and with beautiful views of the outdoors.
In the itinerary - A gourmet dinner at the Aurora Sky observation station, an elevated restaurant overlooking the national park and accessible by chairlift. Traditional Lapland cuisine is served around the crackling wood fire in the fireplace, with panoramic views of Abisko. Far from artificial lights, the site is ideal for observing the Northern Lights, weather permitting.


Abisko - Narvik

Train ride (1 hr 40) to reach the working city of Narvik on the other side of the Norwegian border. A key part of the railway road that extracts and transports iron to the south of the country. Compared to the rest of the country, the city has no particular charm but it is a gateway to the surrounding wilderness and the nearby Lofoten Islands. Overnight stay in a central location, in a large contemporary structure that is fairly traditional but offers a high level of comfort and beautiful views over the Ofotfjord.


Narvik - Svolvaer

Drive west to reach Svolvaer, after a short half-day trip. Nearby mountains, a port and a few wooden houses spread out along the docks: the scenery is a sight to behold. This is Svolvaer, capital of the Lofoten Islands and the perfect place to venture further out and explore the islands. Stay for three nights in a 'rorbuer' on stilts (traditional fisherman's cabin), a truly original place to stay. The estate's restaurant is located in an old warehouse dating back to 1828. The cuisine comes from the archipelago and its waters exclusively, and there are some delicious meals on offer.

DAYS 6 & 7


Svolvaer is the fishing capital of the Lofoten Islands - cod, in particular, is the main fish caught and served here. In winter, skiers join the fishermen. Many artists also come here to take advantage of the remarkable light, and the city also has a fun nightlife and music scene. This combination creates a very special atmosphere.
In the itinerary - Embark by sea kayak with a guide to explore the city's coastal surroundings, bays, islets and fishing hamlets on deserted beaches (the itinerary varies according to weather conditions). Because the hinterland is also worth a visit, a snowshoe expedition is also planned. Enjoy the majestic silence of the snow-covered plains, with the only noise being the sound of snow crunching under snowshoes.
Just for you - A dinner reservation at one of the best restaurants in the archipelago.


Svolvaer - Return flights

Return your hire car to the airport and catch your flight home via Oslo and Stockholm.

A la carte


Mushing a team of huskies is not to be missed during a trip to the far north. Following the impatient barks of the husky dogs ready to embark on a mad dash, the Arctic's nature reveals itself in all its majestic splendour, with the only noise around it being the squeak of the sled and the panting of the dogs. Halfway through, a break is scheduled for you to gather your strength, and for those who are sharing a sled to switch places. Because steering a sled and watching nature sitting in it are two complementary experiences, and two ways of soaking up the landscape.

Optional - half day


If the focus of this itinerary is on Svolvaer, you'll find liveliness and a varied choice of restaurants, even in winter. However, for those who aren't pressed for time, we highly recommend extending the exploration of Lofoten to the more isolated southern part of the archipelago. There's also a zodiac boat ride for another glimpse of the islands, or a horse ride in search of the Northern Lights.

Optional - Contact us

A Rough Idea of Price

Dependent on season, accommodation and activities
The estimated cost for this trip starts from £3,215 to £3,750 per person. The final cost of the trip depends on the way we tailor it especially for you. The final cost varies according to several factors, which include the level of service, length of trip and advance booking time. The exact price will be provided on your personalised quote. The average starting price for this trip is £3,395 per person.
  • International flights on scheduled airlines

  • Airline taxes and fuel surcharge

  • Trains between Kiruna/Abisko and Abisko/Narvik, second class

  • Private transfers

  • Car hire for three days in Lofoten

  • Two-night stay in Jukkasjarvi in a double room with breakfast included

  • Overnight stay in Abisko in a superior double room with breakfast included

  • Overnight stay in Narvik in a double room with breakfast included

  • Three-night stay in Svolvaer in a double room with breakfast included

  • A gourmet dinner at your hotel restaurant in Jukkasjarvi (discovery menu featuring local produce)

  • Travel by snowmobile in the heart of Swedish Lapland, with a guide and equipment hire

  • Gourmet dinner at Aurora Sky Station in the Abisko National Park

  • Reservation at your hotel restaurant in Svolvaer, with food served in candlelight

  • Sea kayaking in the Lofoten Islands with a private guide

  • Snowshoeing in the Lofoten hinterland with a private guide and equipment

  • Our local Concierge service
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