If you think Norway's fjords are beautiful, wait until you see the Lofoten Islands. High above the Arctic Circle, this remote, majestic string of islands is an appendix-like archipelago of staggeringly beautiful jagged mountains jutting out into the Norwegian Sea to the west of Narvik. The islands are connected by bridges, and while these feats of engineering are impressive enough, the greatest attractions in this corner of the world are geological – soaring mountains, gleaming fjords and long, white sandy beaches (yes, really) sit alongside each other for a landscape that is unmatched in its beauty.
The area is experiencing a mini boom in tourism thanks to newly-found social media fame, but it’s big enough and quiet enough to feel like an undiscovered gem. Svolvaer is the capital and where you’ll first arrive on your Lofoten Islands holiday – once you’ve retrieved your jaw from the floor (take it from us, seeing the incredible landscape for the first time really is something else), the sky’s the limit for how to fill your days. Due to the Golf Stream the climate is mild and you can even add surfing to your itinerary if you’re visiting in the summer – Lofoten’s stunning beaches attract visitors from far and wide who want to discover for themselves their astonishing beauty. Soaring mountains surround dreamy white sand and clear waters that wouldn’t be out of place in the tropics – it’s a combination that seems unbelievable, even when seen with your own eyes. The fun doesn’t stop there and neither does the adventure – dive into the network of trails that criss-cross the mountains and head on up for a hike, kayak through the deep fjords to spot majestic seabird colonies, or climb aboard a tour boat to experience the islands in a whole new light.

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Just home from the most incredible trip to Northern Norway. We had it all from clear skies and bright sunshine to full snowstorms, and saw plenty of the northern lights. Thank you again to The Voyageurs Collection for organising such an incredible experience for us.
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