On an Arctic Circle holiday, escape to a place with pristine scenery and endless wilderness where you can truly relax and connect with nature. The Arctic Circle - a region that includes parts of northern Canada, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland - is a land of unspoiled natural beauty, where you can enjoy thrilling polar activities such as husky sledging and snowmobiling, or simply relax in the peace and quiet of nature. In winter, the landscape is bathed in the Polar Night (also known as ‘Kaamos’ in Finland), when the sun barely rises above the horizon and temperatures reach as low as -40 °C,
making it one of the coldest inhabited places on Earth - perfect to enjoy a night in an ice hotel. But don't worry – there's nothing like a warm sauna or cosy evening by the fire to soothe away the day's adventures, before you tuck into some local cuisine as you (hopefully) await the arrival of the magical Northern Lights. Finland’s Arctic Circle runs through Father Christmas’ home town, five miles away from Rovaniemi, so be sure to visit if you're in Finland as a family during the winter for a truly magical experience.

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