Norway is a sort of European Canada, and Norway holidays are all about heart-stopping natural beauty and big, bold landscapes. Explore majestic fjords such as Sognefjord (aka the 'King of the Fjords' as both the largest and deepest in the country) as well as the UNESCO-listed and almost impossibly beautiful Geirangerfjord, thanks to its thick forests and waterfalls. Gaze at the Northern Lights and try your hand at the plentiful winter activities on offer such as snowmobiling, ice fishing and husky dog sledding. You might even see a polar bear when exploring Svalbard’s frozen frontier. On the foodie front,
you’ll find some of Norway’s finest treasures are plucked from the sea, whether you go fishing for salmon or feast on lemon-doused king crab, washed down with a glass of aquavit.

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