Best Views in Sweden

Best Views in Sweden

Breath-taking views are not too hard to come by in the land of colourful clapboard buildings, sweeping national parks and seemingly endless islands. But for those with a penchant for seeking out those viewpoints that have that something extra, that sprinkle of magic which takes a vista from a nine to a ten, you’re in luck, as we’ve already done the handwork for you. We’re taking you from the clandestine rooftops of Stockholm’s old town to the some of the most celebrated viewpoints in the snowy lands of Swedish Lapland, and just about everywhere in between. So sit back, relax and let your mind drift off to some of the best views in Sweden


  1. The Glow of the Northern Lights in Swedish Lapland
  2. The Stockholm Cityscape from the Rooftops of Gamla Stan
  3. The Mountainous Landscapes of the Northern National Parks
  4. The Peaceful Alpine Vistas of Lake Siljan
  5. The Gothenburg Archipelago from the Sea


The Glow of the Northern Lights in Swedish Lapland

For this view you’ll first need a little bit of luck, before you turn gaze not outwards but upwards, into the endless skies that stretch on for an infinity above Swedish Lapland. For millions of years, the ethereal Northern Lights of the Arctic Circle have been lighting up the lives of the lucky few who have found themselves in the snowy lands of the north on crisp, clear nights. And while seeing nature’s best light show in any format is sure to leave you speechless, there is a certainly a crown king of viewpoints: the Aurora Sky Station. Located in the heart of the mountainous Abisko National Park, this viewpoint is reputed to be the best place on Earth to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights - and it’s certainly one of the best spots we’ve come across. We can arrange for you to be chair-lifted up to the sky station, where you can settle into the glamorous restaurant for an evening of delicious gourmet food and (hopefully) plenty of celestial sightings of the aurora borealis


The Stockholm Cityscape From the Rooftops of Gamla Stan

We’re going to kick off the second of our best views in Sweden with a little disclaimer: there are countless spots in the capital from which to soak in the sumptuous cityscape, but it must be said that being whisked up onto the rooftops of the medieval old town with one of our top private guides is a real winner. You can make your way across beautifully-carved out pathways, admiring the jumble of earthy-toned façades, copper roofs and cobbled streets below, as well as the wider cityscape and its surrounding teal-blue waters. As for the other viewpoints trying to nudge their way into the top spot, there is the City Hall Tower, which, at its peak, reveals beautiful views across over Södermalm and the harbour; the stylish Sky Bar of the Kaknästornet – or 'Cookie-Nose Tower’ - from which you can admire a 360 degree view over all of Stockholm with a refreshing drink in hand; and Skinnarviksberget Hill, a popular sunset hangout spot for locals and travellers alike to enjoy views across the calm waters and colourful cityscape in a laid-back atmosphere.


The Mountainous Landscapes of the Northern National Parks

Leaving the rooftops of the cosmopolitan capital, we’re going to take you right back up to Swedish Lapland for you to get a taste of what the majestic mountains of the north have to offer besides the Northern Lights. And for this one we’re talking about peaks; big, mesmerising peaks that reward brave-hearted hikers with strikingly beautiful vistas at the end of a long walk. Skierfe is a lovely peak in the heart of the Sarek National Park that can be reached by taking a steep 4.7-mile trail from the King’s Trail near Aktse. At the summit, you can savour splendid views across lush grasslands, glassy canals and far-away mountain ranges. There is also Sweden’s highest peak, Kebnekaise, which greets hikers with breath-taking views across snow-capped mountain ranges after a challenging 5.6-mile hike. Those less keen on taking on a great, big, uphill climb are in luck, as some of our favourite viewpoints are easily accessible by car, including Dundret, the peak of a popular skiing and hiking route, and Bjuröklubb, a nature reserve home to a charming lighthouse with views across sandy beaches and the sweeping ocean.


The Peaceful Alpine Vistas of Lake Siljan

With close to 100,000 lakes sprinkled across just about every nook and cranny of Sweden, it can be hard to pick out a favourite when it comes to scenic views. That said, we’d be happy to bet our money that Lake Siljan is about as beautiful as you can get, thanks to the rolling emerald hills and lush pine forests of Dalarna that come right to the water’s edge. The terraced cafes of the upmarket town of Tällberg and the Vidablick observation tower in Rättvik offer breath-taking views across the whole lake and surrounding wooded countryside. There is also the option to surround yourself with peaceful aquatic views from the heart of the lake - for this we can arrange for you to enjoy the use of a private boat to seek out the best views for yourself. Those on a lake-hopping adventure should also carve out time in their itinerary to soak in the views of Lake Vanern, the country’s biggest lake; Lake Hjalmaren, near the capital; and Lake Vattern, which is home to some stunning white-sand beaches.


The Gothenburg Archipelago from the Sea

The last of our best views in Sweden is slightly more dynamic and involves you, a boat and a glistening, glimmering ocean peppered with one of the most scenic samples of northern European islands. We’re talking about the sumptuous Gothenburg Archipelago. And while visiting the islands themselves is sure to leave your camera roll filled to the brim with flashy photos, we’d argue that seeing the islands from afar on a private boat with one of our top guides is that bit more special. There’s nothing quite like drifting around a remote rocky outcrop surrounded for miles on end by peaceful waters, where the only signs of life are stylish sailing boats bobbing in the bay, bright Swedish flags fluttering in the wind and the odd fisherman pottering around a traditional red-clapboard house. So sit back, relax and let us guide you around some of the most beautiful sights this charming archipelago has to offer.