Itinerary Highlights
    • Spot magnificent marine mammals on a whale-watching safari in Bleik Canyon
    • Learn how to catch your dinner on a guided fishing trip in the fjords
    • Paddle past peaks, beaches and wildlife on a guided kayaking tour in Lofoten

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This two-week island-hopping adventure is all about embracing Norway’s great outdoors. Focusing on the Senja and Vesteralen islands, you’ll sample the best of their vast fjords, secluded beaches and rugged islets as you hike, kayak and cruise your way through the sights.

Your trip begins with a night exploring city life north of the Arctic Circle in Tromso. The next day, your road trip begins with a drive to the second-largest island in the country, Senja. Spend two nights in the village of Skaland, admiring the beautiful Bergsfjorden and heading out on a boat tour of the archipelago. The next stop is Andenes on Andoya Island. While here, you’ll go on a bucket-list-ticking whale watching safari.
Leaving marine mammals behind, the Vesteralen archipelago is next up on your agenda; your first destination is the colourful village of Ringstad. A guided hiking trip up Mount Vetten and a fjord fishing excursion are on the cards before it’s time to hit the road again. This time, head for the capital of the lovely Lofoten Islands, Svolvaer. For the next three nights, you’ll stay in a traditional fisherman’s cabin (it’s more luxurious than it sounds). Svolvaer is your base for discovering heavenly hikes, sampling delicious Nordic cuisine and kayaking in Lofoten. It’s then on to the final stop of the itinerary, the quaint fishing village of Nusfjord. You’ll have three nights to relax in the spa, explore the surrounding mountains and get active on the water; it’s the perfect place to end your holiday on a high.


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Flight to Norway

This morning, it’s an early start to catch your two-hour flight to Oslo. Upon landing in the Nordic nation, you’ll have a short wait before a connecting flight to Norway’s northernmost city, Tromso. Catch a transfer from the airport to your hotel for the night, a contemporary harbourside property in the heart of the city.

After freshening up, head out to explore Tromso, sitting pretty 186 miles north of the Arctic Circle. We recommend catching a ride on Fjellheisen, the city’s popular cable car service offering panoramic views across the landscape. There’s plenty of culture to get stuck into too, from the likes of the Art Museum of Northern Norway to the Polar Museum and the Perspektivet Museum. Come dinner time, consult our Dossier for recommended eateries in the city. Make sure to sample some freshly caught seafood from the surrounding Norwegian waters.


First Stop, Skaland

Enjoy a hearty Scandi-style breakfast this morning before the next leg of your journey begins. You’ll be picking up a rental car and heading for the village of Skaland, on the island of Senja (the country’s second-largest). It’ll take around two-and-a-half hours to reach this idyllic isle, winding between mountains, fjords and along the coast in Troms County. Whoever’s in the passenger seat, it’s your job to snap away at the spectacular landscapes. Upon reaching Skaland, make your way to the hotel for the next couple of nights, nestled in a small harbour on the west coast.

For the rest of the day, admire the tranquil Bergsfjorden or enjoy a soak in the hotel’s bubbling hot tub before freshening up for dinner. Foodie fans, you’re in for a treat; your hotel is home to a fantastic restaurant serving traditional, locally sourced food. This picturesque dinner spot isn’t one you’re going to forget any time soon...


Cruise on the Bergsfjorden

After a leisurely breakfast at your accommodation, it’s time for a group boat tour on the crystal-clear waters of the Bergsfjorden. Experience the ‘Caribbean of the Arctic’ up close as you cruise past powdery white sand beaches, rocky islets, and dramatic mountains plunging into the sea. After crossing the archipelago, you’ll stop for a tasty al fresco lunch on one of the secluded beaches, turquoise waters lapping the shore.

Back on dry land, spend the afternoon however you like. There’s plenty to do, from kayaking and cycling to fishing and hiking (we like the Husfjellet trailhead for its awesome views). Afterwards, why not sample some local Senja beer with a tasting at the nearby brewery? Distinguish your kolschs from your ales before heading back to your hotel for a delicious dinner on your final night in Skaland.


Onwards to Andenes

Today, you’ll leave Senja and head to the next destination on your itinerary: Andenes. Begin by driving to the village of Gryllefjord, past the wild scenery of Troms County fjords, to reach a small port. From here, take a ferry across the icy Norwegian Sea for around an hour and a half to reach the village of Andenes on Andoya Island. Located north of the archipelago of Vesteralen Islands, Andenes is famed for its whale sightings in the summer months. You’ll stay in a quaint sea cabin for the next two nights with tasteful furnishings and an outdoor terrace. Relax in the peaceful setting or take a stroll around Andenes, perhaps visiting the historic lighthouse or driving to the nearby space centre, Spaceship Aurora. Is seafood on the mind? Our Dossier is there to help you pick the best spot for a tasty dinner.


Wonderful Whale Safari

Ever wondered what a close encounter with a whale was like? Well, today, you’re going to find out. You’ll be joining a group boat tour to Bleik Canyon – a deep underwater canyon known for drawing whales to its waters. Working alongside local marine scientists, including the Norwegian Orca Survey, your guide will identify the several whale species found here; all you need to do is keep your eyes peeled for the majestic marine mammals. From the flash of a fin to the flip of a tail, you’ll have all the equipment you need for getting up close and personal with sperms, humpbacks, pilots, orcas and more. Make the most of your clued-up guide’s expertise and you’ll leave the safari a wise whale expert.

After the excitement of this morning’s activity, we recommend heading out on a hike in the surrounding wilderness. One of the most beautiful trails is the Stave-Bleik coastal trail for spectacular views of the rugged coastline. End a wonderful day with a well-earned meal and large glass of wine.


Next Up, Ringstad

Leave Andoya behind this morning as the next leg of your journey beckons. You’ll be driving around two-and-a-half hours, heading south to the island of Langoya, part of the Vesteralen archipelago. Reaching the village of Ringstad – where you’ll spend the next two nights – admire the picturesque colourful houses dotted along the Norwegian Sea. Settle into a stylish resort overlooking the water before heading to the hotel’s restaurant for lunch with a view.

Explore the great outdoors this afternoon and discover Ringstad’s stunning scenes on a hike, bike ride or kayak trip. Whatever your chosen transport, expect lush green slopes, deep, steely waters and wild beauty at every turn. Tuck into some sublime seafood for dinner and soak up the relaxing atmosphere.


Climb Mount Vetten

Dive headfirst into the heart of nature today on a guided hiking trip up the magnificent Mount Vetten. Fuel up with a hearty breakfast before tackling the popular 1,500ft-high peak. The tour takes between four and five hours, and although the final part is steep, overall, it’s an easy hike. At the top, enjoy a (well-earned) packed lunch, hot drinks and spectacular panoramic views across the sea and Lofoten islands. At the end of the hike, you’ll be transferred back to Ringstad, where you can put your feet up and relax.

The rest of the day can be as active or sedentary as you like (it’s your choice, after all). Chill out and get stuck into a good book in the tranquil setting, or head out on another adventure into the wilderness. Whether you opt for a snooze or a safari, it’s your final full day in Ringstad, so savour the surroundings.


Fishing in the Fjords

Rise and shine early this morning, ready for an action-packed day. You’ll be heading out on a fantastic fishing excursion in the surrounding fjord waters. For those uninitiated, there’ll be an expert guide on hand to show you the ropes (or rods). Norway’s fjords are teeming with a variety of fish, with everything from cod and pollock to herring and mackerel up for grabs. A fishing trip is one of the best ways to experience the majesty of the fjords and spot the creatures that call them home, so make sure to keep a lookout for other wildlife, including white-tailed eagles and puffins.

After the fishing frenzy, it’s time to hit the road again. This time, you’re heading for Svolvaer, the capital of the Lofoten islands. It’s around a two-and-a-half-hour drive, passing a gorgeous landscape filled with fjords, mountains and remote villages. Reaching Svolvaer this evening, you’ll arrive at your accommodation for the next three nights: a traditional rorbuer (fisherman’s cabin) located on the idyllic Svinoya island. Dine at the affiliated restaurant, focusing on local seafood specialities, before hitting the hay.


Guided Kayaking in Lofoten

Enjoy a hearty Nordic breakfast this morning before the day’s activities begin. First up is a group kayaking tour of Svolvaer’s fjord, Vestfjord. You’ll set off from Svolvaer Harbour, so strap in and start paddling. Expect dramatic landscapes of rocky islands and peninsulas watched over by the towering Svolvaergeita peak – also known as ‘the Goat’. Out on the fjord, it’s just you and the great blue. The tour lasts around two hours and is led by a local guide, who’s on hand to share his knowledge of the islands. Once back on shore, tuck into a satisfying lunch at the hotel.

It's your choice how to fill the afternoon today. From perusing the town’s museums, including the Lofoten War Memorial Museum and the Kaviarfactory for contemporary art, to browsing the shops (fishing supplies, anyone?) or cosying up in a café, there’s plenty to keep you busy. Dine in the hotel’s restaurant again this evening, or consult our Dossier for a seafood fix at one of Svolvaer’s other eateries – try the stockfish (a Svolvaer speciality).

DAY 10

Explore Svolvaer

It’s your final full day in Svolvaer, so we recommend getting back out in nature. You’re perfectly positioned to explore the great outdoors, after all. Why not venture out on a hike? Trek up the Floya mountain, which forms the town's backdrop, for spectacular views across the Lofoten landscape and beyond. Remember that peak you saw from your kayak, the Goat? The adventurous among you might have a go at scaling the rock face (with the help of an experienced guide). Other wonderful walks nearby include Tuva, Blatinden and Kongstinden, which all take between three and five hours. If you fancy, hop in the car to explore more of the island or perhaps enjoy 360-degree views from a cruise on the majestic Trollfjord. You can’t go wrong in this beautiful setting.

This evening, toast to the sweet Svolvaer life as you reflect on the beauty of Mother Nature on your final night.

DAY 11

Depart for Nusfjord

After breakfast, it’s time to continue your island-hopping adventure. You’ll be heading towards Nusfjord – around an hour-and-a-half drive away – passing secret beaches with enticing cyan waters on route. Take your time winding through the rugged landscape, reaching the secluded fishing village of Nusfjord, on the island of Flakstadoy, around lunchtime. Once again (and for the last time on your trip), you’ll be calling a traditional rorbuer home for the next three nights. Boasting fabulous fjord and Lofoten Sea views, settle into your fisherman’s cabin before exploring the historic village on foot. We recommend ambling on a long fjord-side walk or soaking your muscles in the sumptuous outdoor spa. You’ll have worked up an appetite for dinner, ready to enjoy the resort’s excellent restaurants, serving everything from salmon-topped pizza (Italians, look away) to langoustine. Luckily, you’ve three nights to sample it all…

DAYS 12 & 13

Discover Nusfjord

The last two days of your holiday are yours to bask in Nusfjord’s beauty. From water-based activities such as kayaking and fishing (of which you’ve already had a taster) to paddleboarding and inflatable boat fjord tours – you’re spoilt for choice. If you’ve caught the hiking bug, head out on an unforgettable guided mountain tour of Nusfjord’s surrounding scenery. Indulge in a treatment or two at the resort spa, join a relaxing stretching session in the mindfulness loft, or get crafty and create your own lino print inspired by the Norwegian landscape. Discover the delicacies of Nordic cuisine as you dine your way through breakfast, lunch and dinner in the peaceful setting of Nusfjord.

DAY 14

Journey Home

Sadly, your Norwegian adventure comes to an end today, so pack your bags and hop in the hire car for one final journey. It’s a long drive (around four hours) to reach the region of Evenes. Luckily, you’ve got the spectacular landscape to keep you company on the journey. From Evenes, it’s a short connecting flight south to Oslo before you depart for London. Just two hours later, you’ll touch down on UK soil. We can only hope you’ve stocked up on enough Norwegian chocolate to stave off the inevitable holiday blues…

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Dependent on season, accommodation and activities
The cost for this trip starts from £3,200 to £4,600 per person.

The final cost of the trip depends on the way we tailor it especially for you. The final cost varies according to several factors, which include the level of service, length of trip and advance booking time. The exact price will be provided on your personalised quote.

The average starting price for this trip is £3,700 per person.
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