Indigenous Experiences Around the World

Indigenous Experiences Around the World

In recent years, there’s been a growing global recognition of the importance of protecting the rights of indigenous communities, and it’s a trend we’re very much on board with. Indigenous people safeguard some of our planet's richest forms of cultural expression. From the Samburu people of Northern Kenya to the First Nations Haidi citizens in Canada, these communities have a profound relationship – both physical and spiritual – with their traditional lands and do all they can to protect them. Meeting these communities is both an enlightening and humbling experience, whether it’s taking part in traditional practices together or staying in accommodation run by indigenous groups. The key behind it all? Facilitating interactions that are sensitive and mutually beneficial. Read on to discover some of our favourite indigenous experiences around the world.


  1. Australia
  2. Kenya
  3. Sweden
  4. Japan



Into the wild with Aboriginal guides

A historic referendum in Australia has secured greater recognition for Aboriginal rights, returned swathes of land to their owners and empowered people to share their heritage with visitors. Indigenous experiences here include guided tours in hotspots like the Daintree Rainforest or the Great Barrier Reef. You can learn to spearfish, identify indigenous plants and learn of the relationship the Kuku Yulanki people still have with their land.

Image by Christopher Churchill/Gallery Stock.



A Samburu-led safari

The Samburu people of Northern Kenya offer a fascinating glimpse into a lesser-known world. While staying in the community-run Sara Conservation, experience unrestricted game drives with Samburu guides, walking safaris, fly camping under the stars and a visit to the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary. This sanctuary is owned and run by a Samburu community, who rescue orphaned and abandoned elephant calves with the aim of releasing them back into the wild.



Ice fishing with the Sami

Europe’s only surviving indigenous people, the Sami, live in a land of unspoilt Arctic wilderness. These people embody a deep connection to the land, and you can engage in their traditions by visiting the remote Swedish village of Flakaberg. Each activity reveals parts of their rich heritage, from ice fishing and foraging for shellfish to cheese making and reindeer feeding.



Ainu festivals and museums in Hokkaido

Over in Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island, you’ll find our final indigenous experience. This land has been home to the indigenous Ainu people for centuries, and visiting here allows you to immerse yourself in Ainu history and culture. Take part in one of the yearly 1,200 festivals to experience their religious beliefs, unique language and traditional dances. Alternatively, explore the Upopoy National Ainu Museum and Park, the sole site in Japan focused on Ainu culture. Designed to safeguard and celebrate Ainu heritage, a visit to this museum promises both education and enjoyment, allowing Japan's indigenous communities to continue to thrive.

Header Image by Mikko Ryhänen / Visit Finland.