Iceland at a glance

Going to Iceland is like taking a trip to outer space. It's like being on another planet, or the moon. But it's a journey back in time, to when Mother Nature was boss. The Earth feels more alive here than almost anywhere. In some places, magma is so close that the surface is actually hot. Iceland is a world in itself. It may be the land of ice (visit the ephemeral ice caves of Vatnajokull, the icebergs at Diamond Beach and the Langjokull glacier towards the fjords in the west), but bananas also grow there (in greenhouses) in Hveragerdi, in the south of the island. It is also the land of fire (think the multicoloured Kerid volcano, or Laki with its hundreds of craters), as well as the land of water (see whales in the north,
feel tiny next to the Geysir geyser as it spouts up to 460ft in the air, admire the rainbows in front of the Gullfoss waterfall and bathe in the hot springs at the Blue Lagoon). Prepare for the trip using our Iceland travel guide, then forget the guidebook: leave the itinerary behind to really experience Iceland's magic.
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