Iceland at a glance

Going on a trip to Iceland is like going on a trip to outer space. It’s where past meets present and Mother Nature rules over all. In some places, magma is so close that you can feel it bubbling beneath the Earth’s surface; while in others you can touch centuries-old glaciers. This is the ‘Land of Fire and Ice’ so it only makes sense to equip yourself with a trusty Iceland travel guide to see its two sides. Visit the ephemeral ice caves of Vatnajokull, the isolated icebergs at Diamond Beach and the mighty Langjokull glacier (or ‘Long Glacier’) in Iceland’s Highlands, which will leave you equal parts breath-taken and dumbfounded. If you’re a bit cold, Earth’s natural heating (think the multicoloured Kerid volcano or Laki with its hundreds of craters) will be more than up for the job.
In our guide to Iceland we’ll also have you whale watching in the north, feeling tiny next to steaming geysers as they spout water up 460ft in the air, admiring rainbows at the Gullfoss waterfall and bathing in the salubrious hot springs of the Blue Lagoon. We know better than most how important Iceland travel guides are. But on an Original Travel trip, we’ll make sure all you’ll need are open eyes and the chance to be wowed.
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