Iceland is one of our absolute favourite countries, and with our tips you can make the most of this amazing destination.


Iceland can get down to -5 degrees Celsius in winter and up to 9 degrees Celsius in summer, but it’s a year-round destination because you can enjoy hiking, festivals and the sensational midnight sun in summer and the chillier activities in winter such as ice cave exploring, skiing and snowshoeing, and Northern Lights hunting during the winter.


We have scoured Iceland for the very best luxury hotels and lodges across the island and can find something to suit you, whether you’re looking for a ski-in ski-out hotel, a romantic couples retreat or a cost family chalet.

On the road

Driving is an excellent way to experience Iceland and the ring road that runs around the circumference of the island means that you can see much of the island very easily. We can make sure that you’re equipped with the best rental car for your journey.


Food in Iceland has a reputation for being quite basic, but times have moved ahead and you can now find a variety of delicious food. Reykjavik is a foodie haven with a balance of gourmet cuisine and hearty, traditional fare. Warming soups are very popular, as well as seafood both fresh, fermented and dried, and there are also some very unusual traditional dishes including sour ram’s testicles and sheep’s head.

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