Ibiza: An Overview

Given that you've landed on this page we may be preaching to the converted if we wax too lyrical about the White Isle, but it remains one of the most fun places to play and party in the Mediterranean.

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Harriet, Kate L and Molly are here to help give you the inside track.

Why we think you’ll love it

• We work with a wide selection of excellent villas across the island, from low-key converted farmhouses to blingfests with helicopter pads and private golf holes.

Luxury Holidays to Ibiza: The Detail

That said, it's a common misconception that partying is the only thing to do on the island, when the reality is that - like the other Balearics - Ibiza is also somewhere to completely unwind, and even works well as a family holiday destination.

While good hotels are few and far between, we're constantly keeping tabs on the best of the bunch, and have also collectively stayed in some of the finest villas on the island. It was a tough job, but someone has to research these things, and we're here to talk you through the best in show.

As a result, we also know the best restaurants, bars and clubs so you can hit the ground running with our recommendations on how to make an Ibiza trip even more enjoyable.

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