Whether you want to learn the history of this most Spanish of dances, or indulge in a little yourself, we can arrange it. Our expert guides can take you on visits to Andalucia's gypsy areas, retracing the dance's gypsy roots and with the possibility of visiting a local show where you can experience the rare Spanish art of duende, a performance full of emotion, expression and authenticity. Away from the tourist streets we can also arrange for a flamenco expert to guide you around bars and clubs where you can witness the electrifying rhythms, commanding vocals, foot stamping and heart stopping moves
that have meant flamenco has become the most popular dance in Spain. Even better, we can organise lessons with the professionals, who will teach you the steps and help you unravel the soul and rhythm of this fascinating dance. We can also take you into the heart of one of the poorest neighbourhoods where the infamous Torombo (one of the best flamenco dancers in Spain) is working on a social integration project; educating gypsy children to embrace the flamenco culture.

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