Top Five Best Experiences: Spain

Top Five Best Experiences: Spain

There is far more to Spain than package-holidays and sangria; it has so many different elements to its culture, from the Moorish influence in the South, to the Basque country of the North, where you'll find some of the best food in Europe. Because we're so fascinated by this country, we've put together a list of our top five experiences in Spain, which covers the lot, from eating to surfing and sightseeing...


Horse Riding in Andalucia

Explore the heart of the Andalucian countryside on a horse safari through Doñana National Park, while staying at the charming Hacienda San Rafael. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and stop for delicious traditional Andalucian picnics, specially prepared for you. Follow the trails and bridleways, taking things at entirely your own pace, whether that be a slow plod while you take in your surroundings or a gallop through the hills with the wind in your hair.


Pintxos Tour in San Sebastian

It would be a sin to spend any amount of time in Spain and not sample some tapas, but to try the very best, head on a guided tasting tour of the pintxos bars of San Sebastian. Enjoy this delicious pinxtos (Basque for tapas), in a series of bars dotted throughout the Old Town of the city. But you don't just have to take our word for it, as the quality of food is proven thanks to San Sebastian boasting more Michelin stared restaurants than almost anywhere else in the world, second only to Manhattan.


Flamenco in Seville

Whether you want to get stuck in and try to perfect the art of flamenco dancing yourself, or you'd rather leave it to the professionals and observe from the side-lines, flamenco is one experience that can't be missed, particularly if visiting Seville. Learn the history of the dance with an expert guide who can take you to the gypsy quarter where you can visit a local show to enjoy an authentic performance full of expression and emotion. For those brave enough to give it a go, we can organise lessons with professionals who will have you dancing like a local in no time (although we make no promises...).


Surfing in San Sebastian

Back in San Sebastian and this time we're taking to the waters to enjoy the brilliant surfing this stretch of Atlantic coast has to offer. There is something fairly unique about being able to surf a beach break within walking distance of the city centre, and that's exactly what you get on Zurriola beach in San Sebastian. The beauty of the surfing here is that it is ideal for beginners, but also great fun for those who consider themselves seasoned professionals. And, as we mentioned earlier, the food isn't half bad in this city either, and surfing provides the perfect way to burn off those excess calories you may have consumed on your pintxos tour...


Alhambra in Granada

For the greatest example of Moorish influence in Spain, head to the Islamic palace of Alhambra in Granada. The name Alhambra derives from the Arabic for The Red Fort and the origins could date back as far as the 9th Century, although it was transformed to its current form in the 13th and 14th Centuries and remains remarkably well preserved today. The Islamic architecture and décor of the Alhambra is unmatched in Europe, which explains why it is the most popular attraction in Spain, with more annual visitors than the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. So be sure to book ahead to secure yourself one of the limited number of daily tickets.