Eco friendly

When it comes to accommodation in Sweden, there are a whole heap of eco-friendly and conscientious stays to choose from which encourage guests to embrace all things Swedish, from traditional Sámi culture to the natural world. The cities, especially Gothenburg, and majority of the west coast are advocates of sustainability and continue to create economically viable businesses and tourism, without the unnecessary environmental impacts. This is a notion that’s appreciated by residents and visitors alike, and there are many hotels and experiences that champion and practice this.

If it’s luxury you’re after, some of the best accommodation in Sweden can be found in Geunja, including a secluded Sámi Eco Lodge in the heart of Swedish Lapland. This is probably one of the best-kept secrets in the Arctic and those journeying here are by invitation only, as seclusion and meaningful conservation are paramount. This stretch of Sweden is also home to Ammarnäs, a small Sámi mountain village where age-old traditions and spiritual beliefs are still very much alive.

By Boat

Experience accommodation in Sweden from a slightly different perspective, with a four-day boat trip around some of Sweden’s most enigmatic archipelagos combined with luxury stays along the way. Start your journey in Gothenburg, then cruise towards Lotshotellet, a charming seaside hotel on the island of Karingon. Here, you can spend your mornings enjoying refreshing sea swims from a ladder directly outside your room, while evenings are reserved for fine-dining experiences which showcase the freshest Swedish ingredients. En route, enjoy some plenty of picture-worthy moments and hiking trails, including walks around the island of Marstrand and views from the magnificent Dyrön island.

Community and Culture

Explore the Swedish lifestyle from a local perspective and experience community tourism with a difference. The Sapmi Nature Camp, located in the heart of Sjavnja nature reserve, is the perfect spot for nature enthusiast looking to gain a deeper understanding of the indigenous Sami culture. The traditions and stories told here give visitors a fascinating insight into what is still a thriving way of life. Meanwhile, the surrounding terrain is used as grazing land for the reindeer in Unna Tjerusj Sami community and it is also part of Laponia, a world heritage area where you can enjoy all manner of wintery activities from skiing to snowshoeing.

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