Part of a picturesque archipelago nestled off the west coast of Sweden, Dyrön Island is a remote and unspoiled island, home to just 200 residents. As you cruise across from the mainland by ferry and arrive into the charming port, take in the raw beauty of the island, from the rolling hills covered in lush greenery to the sparkling waters of the surrounding sea. Set off along the three-mile walking trail around the island, where you can discover a wealth of wildlife including birds, mountain goats and wild mouflon sheep. Just 33ft from the southern tip of the island, you can relax in the Dyrön sauna,
which has views overlooking the sea and cliffs. What truly sets Dyrön Island apart is its peace and tranquillity; with no cars or noise pollution, you can relax with a book on the beach, stargaze on a clear night, or simply take a leisurely hike. Whether you visit just for a day trip from Gothenburg, or opt to stay overnight, Dyrön Island is a place where time seems to stand still.

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