Sweden is the second country in the world to introduce an ecotourism charter, following in Australia’s footprints, meaning that sustainability in Sweden is a pretty big deal. It has also set up Europe’s first eco-label, Nature’s Best, to ensure the quality of the tours that are run by nearly a hundred eco-certified tour operators across the country. In doing so, Sweden has reassured those who travel here that a positive contribution to the environment can be made, wherever your tour or activity is taking place. This is something Original Travel supports whole heartedly; we are passionate about responsible travel in all its forms, and determined to help our clients travel in a genuinely sustainable way – something that Sweden is also championing.

The Freedom to Roam

Thanks to Nature’s Best tours, trips and active holidays, travellers can enjoy Sweden's great outdoors in a responsible way, benefiting the environment, its local businesses, people and culture. Whether its journeying through the Arctic Circle, timber-rafting in Värmland, discovering the wonders of oyster and lobster ‘safaris’ in West Sweden, or sea kayaking through the pristine waters, you’re able to enjoy it all responsibly. This is also largely thanks to Allemansrätt, which is the Right of Public Access, or the freedom to roam and enjoy the best of Sweden’s great outdoors. From summers spent in the countryside, with dips in the lakes and swims in the sea, to foraging for berries, mushrooms and more in the vast and sprawling forests, there is so much to be appreciated here.

Of course, Sweden’s cities (and west coast) are also advocates of all things sustainable, with Gothenburg crowned the world’s most sustainable city in 2021. Creating an economically viable set of businesses and tourism that aren’t environmentally impactful is paramount here, and appreciated by residents and visitors alike. By journeying here, you are contributing to a sustainable tourism industry. You can even embark on the ‘Meet the Locals’ initiative, during which you’ll do everything from enjoying a taco fiesta in Borås and staying the night on the archipelago, to sharing a ride into the wilderness of Norden's Ark. Experiencing the daily life in West Sweden couldn’t be easier and is an authentic way to get a feel for the place and its people.

Thanks to the emphasis on sustainability in Sweden you can also find countless other incredible places to stay and memory making experiences that will have an equally big and positive impact on the environment and tourism. These benefit both Sweden's landscape and its local people; find out more by visiting our accommodation guide.

Read The Small Print

One of life's simple pleasures is roaming the aisles of a supermarket abroad, and Swedish ones are no exception. In fact, the supermarkets and stores here artfully marry the joy of discovering new products and treats, with the knowledge of where they’ve been sourced from and their environmental impact. Look out for KRAV organically produced foods; many products boast the KRAV label, confirming that they’ve been produced in an environmentally friendly and ethical way.

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