Sweden is a hub for all things modern and chic, and as a result it has fast become the shopping destination of choice for travellers and lovers of all things fashionable. While opening times will vary between the cities, bigger shopping centres, smaller towns and local countryside shops, you’ll still be able to find something special to remember your trip by, when shopping in Sweden. Traditional opening hours are from 9.30am to 6pm Monday to Friday, with Saturdays from 9.30am to 2/4pm. Department stores in larger towns will likely remain open until 7pm or even longer. While some shops are also open on Sundays between noon and 4.00 pm, most will close early the day before a public holiday, which is something to be mindful of when travelling here.

Shopping Etiquette and Advice

There’s no denying that Sweden is an expensive place to travel to as a tourist but there are plenty of ways to get more bang for your Kronor. It can be good to be aware of the pricing for daily items, as this can help you gage the overall costing here:

Coffee: 20–40 SEK (£1.50–3.30)

Sandwich: 30–100 SEK (£2.30–7.80)

Classic Swedish cinnamon bun: 25–35 SEK (£1.90–2.75)

Beer/pint: 40–80 SEK (£3.30–6.30)

There are of course some other great options when shopping in Sweden, like the local loppmarknad or loppis, which is essentially a flea market and is the only spot where haggling is really acceptable. These are normally held at the weekend around the country and can be a great opportunity to grab some bargains or traditional and vintage Swedish pieces.

When it comes to tipping in Sweden it’s not as established as it is in other countries, so while it’s always welcome, it’s not necessarily expected. In general, when tipping as gratitude for a service, a couple of extra Kronor or 10% of the final bill will always be appreciated but not expected. This applies to everything from hotel staff to taxi drivers. When it comes to porters and cloakroom attendants, they often charge fixed fees, and door attendants at hotels and restaurants are tipped modestly. It can be useful to note that when dining out in Sweden, it’s common to round up your bill to the nearest big number, for example if your total is 280 SEK you could round it up to 300 SEK. If the service charge is included in the bill, it will already be clearly stated.

Best Souvenirs

Sweden is rich in culture and traditions, making it the perfect place to snag some memorable trinkets and souvenirs. Of course, finding the ultimate memento shouldn’t be an overwhelming task to undertake, which is why we’ve included a list of our favourite souvenirs from Sweden to help ensure you take the best tokens of your trip home with you. Whether it’s some fun and fashionable clogs, authentic Dala horses or some sweet treats and classic confectionary, there’s something for everyone to appreciate when shopping in Sweden.

We can also offer memory making moments you can’t quite gift wrap, from local fishing village excursions to private tours of the famous Christmas markets, as well as tips and tricks from our Concierges and/or Dossiers who are on hand to continue to elevate your trip. Your dedicated Concierge will know the ins and outs of your trip, meaning that when you touch down, they’ll be able to get in touch with recommendations and suggestions. Whether it’s a last-minute change or some useful advice on where’s best to go, we can help you.

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