Sweden at a glance

In Stockholm, visit the old town, browse the design shops, admire the masterpieces at the Museum of Modern Art and take the time for a fika break, the Swedish version of a coffee break enjoyed at any time of day, anywhere and, depending on the place and time, consisting of a pastry, savoury snack, fruit juice or coffee. But above all, it's about taking the time to chat and relax. In the north, explore the red rocks of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed High Coast and, in Lapland, fish for salmon in the midnight sun, hunt the northern lights through the endless winter night, or go hiking with a Sami guide. In the west, kayak among the thousand islands of the Bohuslan archipelago. In the south, discover fishing villages, chic seaside resorts and a string of islands:
the old town of Visby on the island of Gotland, Oland, known as the island of sun and winds, or the surreal-looking rocks on the island of Faro. Further inland, Scania is another must-see, with its medieval castles, mansions and churches. Here (and actually pretty much everywhere in Sweden), experience man and nature living in harmony. Browse our Sweden travel guide below to plan your trip.
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