Seven Best Hikes in Stockholm

Seven Best Hikes in Stockholm

Any hiker setting out to explore Sweden is blessed by allemansrätten – also known as the Right of Public Access. Enshrined in the Swedish constitution, the law gives people unhindered access to the outdoors. That covers hiker-friendly freedoms like wild camping for a night, collecting flowers and wild fruits and swimming in lakes – all things that make for a sublime holiday in the outdoors. And you can exercise your allemansrätten without travelling too far from the capital, as our round up of the seven best hikes in Stockholm shows. Walking boots at the ready, let’s head out to soak up the Scandinavian scenery – all within easy access of the city.


  1. Roslagsleden
  2. Sörmlandsleden
  3. Björnö Nature Reserve
  4. Tyresta National Park
  5. Brunnsviken Lake
  6. Upplandsleden
  7. Paradiset Nature Reserve



The Roslagsleden trail is more than 100 miles long, stretching from Danderyd just north of Stockholm to the fishing village of Grisslehamn. Along the way, it passes through a rich landscape of untouched forest, rolling countryside and rugged coastline that feels worlds away from city life. The trail is conveniently divided into 11 scenic sections, with campsites, cabins and hotels to rest at if you’re embarking on a multi-day hike. In summer, hikers can also refresh their weary muscles with a dip in one of the many lakes along the route. We recommend Angarnssjöängen (section two), one of the best hikes in Stockholm for birdwatching, as well as a visit to Wira Bruk (section five and six), a museum and former iron works known for its distinctive red cottages. The start of the trail at Danderyd is just 20 minutes by car or public transport from Stockholm – perfect for a brief break from the bustle of the city.




Created in the 1970s as the country’s first lowland trail, Sörmlandsleden remains one of the longest trails in Sweden and one of the best hikes in Stockholm. At more than 600 miles long, it encompasses both breathtaking wilderness and charming towns, showcasing the soul of Sweden across 92 diverse sections. From mountain peaks to tranquil lakes, ancient forest to windswept shore, the only thing that might slow you down here is stopping to admire the view. There are also welcoming hostels dotted along the trail if you want to turn your day trip into a longer amble. But if you only have a day to spare, Sörmlandsleden is easily accessed from Björkhagen metro station, just 15 minutes from Stockholm.



Björnö Nature Reserve

For hikers who have a penchant for other outdoor activities, Björnö is hard to beat. Its tree-lined beaches are simply made for summertime swimming (including the ever-popular Torpesand beach), with kayak rentals available for those who prefer to paddle. A hiking trail circles the reserve, leading through farmland and pine forests to the open sea – a picturesque reward for your exercising efforts. And there’s a snorkelling trail too for underwater exploration, complete with submerged signage detailing the local marine life. So, once you’ve unlaced your walking shoes, there are plenty more pursuits to enjoy in this extra-special spot.



Tyresta National Park

A short trip from the city centre (just a 30 minutes-drive), Tyresta National Park is one of the largest areas of untouched woodland in the country. This serene expanse of greenery is fragrant with pine needles and shaded by towering spruce trees, where the verdant scenery is interrupted only by glassy lakes shrouded in morning mist. Choose from an assortment of well-marked woodland trails, including the short Bylsjöpromenaden trail (three miles) which circles a lake (an easy, buggy-and-family-friendly walk). Or follow the Fornborgsrundan loop, a hilly, four-mile hike that takes in the remains of a prehistoric fortress and fabulous views of Stensjön Lake. Pristine, primeval forest just half an hour from the largest city in Scandinavia? We call that holiday hiking goals.



Brunnsviken Lake

Beloved by picnickers and swimmers, Brunnsviken Lake is a picturesque place to while away an afternoon. It’s also home to one of the best hikes in Stockholm for families. A doddle to reach by public transport, the trail is flat for little feet and pushchairs. And although the full circuit is seven miles long, it’s easy to enjoy a short out-and-back walk if your youngest ramblers can’t hike that far. You’ll also find plenty of open space for spreading out your picnic blanket, as well as the delights of the Bergius Botanic Garden and a butterfly house. Make a day of it by visiting the nearby Swedish Museum of Natural History, complete with those always-in-demand dinosaurs. For postcard-worthy views, head to Bellevueparken on the lake’s southern shore, a brilliant vantage point serving up lovely lake vistas.




Flower-rich meadows. Lush forest. Canoe-ready rivers. The 55-mile Upplandsleden trail meanders through all this and more. There are 31 sections to explore, as well as 14 circular routes, so keen walkers will find some of the best hikes in Stockholm along this picturesque path. The kayaker-friendly Kolarmoraån (section nine) follows the course of a river that’s prime for paddling, while the woodlands and wetlands of Färnebofjärden National Park can be found between sections 18 and 20. Multi-day hikers can take advantage of cabins along the trail which offer a marginally more comfortable alternative to camping. To extend your hike further, the Vikingaleden (Viking trail) connects Upplandsleden with Roslagsleden, so you can tick off a few of the best trails in one trip.



Paradiset Nature Reserve

How could we not include a place named paradise on our list? Situated south of Stockholm in Huddinge, this nature reserve is all forests, fields, lakes and marshland. The reserve is traversed by a section of the lengthy Sörmlandsleden trail, as well as three shorter loops which are perfectly scenic and secluded. So, it seems that paradise is an apt name for this spot – a real heaven for hikers.