Full to the brim with history and culture, Greece is potentially the world’s biggest open-air museum and our travel experts and tips and tricks from hands-on experience can help you uncover the best that this incredible country has to offer.

Greece is known for its excellent weather and sunshine. This large country and its islands are very diverse so there are different climates in different regions, but generally it follows the typical Mediterranean climate and can get very hot and dry in the summer between April and September; and mild and wet from October to March.

Public transportation

When it comes to getting around, public transport might not be incredibly reliable, and be careful if you are driving in Greece as you’ll find the roads a little more dangerous than the UK.


Tipping is not common practice. However, you can leave a few Euros at a restaurant if you really enjoyed your experience, but it’s not common to give a taxi driver a tip as they generally already round your taxi ride up to the nearest Euro.

Pace of life

The pace of life is slow and leisurely in Greece, and this is true when it comes to mealtimes too. You might want to enjoy a late breakfast but make sure to grab lunch before 3pm as there is nationally-recognised siesta period from 3pm to 5pm. Dinner is always served late and you’re unlikely to find restaurants serving or locals eating before 8pm, it’s more likely to be close to 10pm, especially during the summer when the evenings and nights are warm. Something to note is that at Greek restaurants is that you will almost always be brought bread and charged for it whether you eat it or not, so if you really don’t want it you should ask for them to take it back.

Greek people are warm and friendly and a little more forward and affectionate than British people. They are also very patriotic so their culture, traditions and cuisine are precious to them. The infrastructure is a little old-fashioned in places so be prepared for less-accessible areas with no ramps or lifts.


Finally always have water and cash with you, especially in the summer. If you are in a rural area you may find it hard to find a local shop with water for sale, and if you do they may not accept card or have an ATM available to get cash out.

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