If you’re holidaying in Greece and feel in the mood for some retail therapy, you’re in for a treat. The shopping in Greece is some of the best in the world. Products are generally high quality and good value and there are lots of unique and interesting things to buy. With so many items to choose from, the biggest challenge you’ll face is deciding what to get. Whether it’s a special treat for you or a gift to take back home, our Greek shopping guide will help you hunt down the finest treasures the country has to offer.

Shopping Advice and Etiquette

Shopping in Greece is an all-day activity. Shops are generally open from Monday to Saturday, from 9am until late in the evening. Supermarkets often open as early as 8am and close no later than 9pm. On the bigger islands, most souvenir shops stay open until midnight. Greeks love a siesta too, so you’ll find that many stores are closed for a couple of hours at noon and on Sundays. Retailers usually accept credit cards, but small grocery shops, kiosks and shops in secluded places may accept cash only. So, what are some of the best things to hunt for when shopping in Greece? Let’s take a closer look.


Greek designers are some of the best in the world, so it pays to seek out local makers. Luxury labels include Karavan and Ancient Kallos, which you’ll find in Kolonaki, the most distinguished neighbourhood in Athens. Be sure to check out Ermou Street, which is one of the most expensive roads in Europe. It connects Syntagma Square with Monastiraki, and is home to Attica, the most famous shop in Athens. The department store, affectionately known as the ‘Harrods of Athens’, is spread over eight floors. Not travelling to the capital? Don’t worry. The rest of the mainland and the islands are awash with quality clothing. Linen is particularly popular in Greece and is perfect for hot, balmy days. Many of the pieces are white and blue to match the national colours. You’ll easily be able to source 100% linen dresses, shirts and more.

Home Décor

If you are a design fan it’s hard to resist the wonderful homewares you’ll come across in Greece. Like the fashion, the interiors tend to be elegant and paired back. There are so many excellent products to choose from, such as handmade rugs, ceramics and pottery (several islands like Sifnos specialise in this). Seek out products endemic to certain islands like sea sponges and shells, or volcanic products in Santorini. You’ll also find locals selling embellished bedding, tablecloths and napkins at markets all over the country.


According to Ancient Greek mythology, the gods and goddesses had their sandals made on the beautiful island of Crete by a gifted sandal maker who gave each pair magical powers. Perhaps that explains the huge number of shoe shops bursting with beautiful stock across the country. Again, the quality is good and the prices are reasonable. You can still find old-school sandal makers on both the mainland and islands who will happily make a custom pair just for you (no guarantees on the magical powers though). If you’re in the market for pret-a-porter, Ancient Greek sandals are handmade locally by skilled craftspeople using traditional techniques that have existed for centuries. 


The Greeks have been making jewellery since antiquity and the trade has been passed down for generations. You will find small artisan jewellery shops all over the country, especially on the popular islands and in the bigger cities. There’s a wide variety to choose from and a big variation in price points too. From pendants with a mati (evil eye) and olive branch earrings to bracelets featuring the famous Santorini flower motif, there’s something for everyone.

Beauty Products

Beauty products are popular purchases when shopping in Greece. In major cities like Athens and Thessaloniki, you can find beauty shops, pharmacies and department stores offering a variety of cosmetics, skincare, perfumes and more. Local products tend to be full of natural ingredients such as olive oil, honey and yoghurt (Greece is the birthplace of medicine and homeopathy after all). Beauty buffs will be in their element.

Food and Wine

The food in Greece is fresh and delicious. Once tasted you’ll long to bring some home with you. Greece is a leading producer of high-quality olive oil, which along with a largely plant-based diet, has made Greeks some of the longest-living people on the planet. You will find oil and many oil-based products for sale everywhere. Other things on offer include olives, honey, sweets and chocolates, jams and condiments, salt, herbs and spices, tea, coffee and various wines and liqueurs.


While Greece is known for its ancient monuments and rich culture, the country also boasts some world-class art galleries, featuring the work of local and international artists. Athens and Thessaloniki are home to most of them, but you will also find interesting galleries on islands like Hydra and Mykonos. Indeed, art is everywhere in Greece, from modern prints through to expensive one-off pieces. One of our favourite places is Donkeycat - an art gallery and gift shop featuring the work of various Greek artisans nestled on the island of Hydra. Each piece is unique with lots of character, making the shop well worth visiting for gifts and souvenirs to take home as a reminder of your holiday.

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