Greece at a glance

The question to ask when preparing for your trip is: which Greece do you want to see? Do you want to experience mainland Greece or the idyllic islands? Do you want to recharge your batteries on the beach or immerse yourself in culture from Thrace to Peloponnese? Party until dawn? Experience true serenity by emulating the life of monks on Mount Athos? Enjoy some peace and quiet in a magical place on one of the Aegean Islands? Find yourself on a deserted beach in the Cyclades in August? Make a pilgrimage to the roots of western culture on Mount Olympus in Thessaly? Imagine listening to the Oracle of Delphi, in central Greece? Against a background of blue and white to match the Greek flag – blue sky, sea, windows and doors; white walls of churches and houses – Greece offers all of the above, and more.
Best of all, you may find possibly the greatest happiness in the unexpected moments: enjoying a fresh ouzo in a local cafe in the region of Epirus and seeing one of the region's donkeys outlined against the setting sun on his way to the crest of a hill.
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