Few, if any, destinations have had as significant an impact on the Western psyche and vocabulary as the Peloponnese peninsula in south-western Greece. The place names themselves – Arcadia, Olympia, Argos (OK, maybe not the last one) – and the adjectives that stem from others – spartan, corinthian, laconic – are so deeply entrenched in our culture that we've plain forgotten that they stem from an actual physical location. And what a location it is. The Peloponnese runs the full gamut of landscapes from soaring mountain ranges and alpine forests to vineyard-coated rolling hill country and perfectly
symmetrical horseshoe bays and white sand beaches. Dotted around the peninsula are also a staggering number of ancient architectural sites and historic cities. To be honest, we're not quite sure why we haven't been singing the praises of Peloponnese holidays for years.

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