There are cities with history, and then there is Athens, where some of the world’s most important ancient temples are nestled beside magnificent museums filled with precious antiques and the streets have a different statue on every corner; nowhere else does history come alive more vividly than in the Greek capital. The city sits under the magnificent silhouette of the Acropolis and the astonishing Parthenon, which can be seen from almost every point across Athens; climb to the top and you’ll be amazed at the historic treasures to behold, that and the incredible views. The Olympic Games were first
held in Athens in 1896 and they returned in 2004 where they became a catalyst for major modernisation and offered the world a view of the city that was contemporary and vibrant. Since then, times have been turbulent and Athens has faced its fair share of political and economical turmoil, but it’s slowly making a comeback as a creative, cultural and culinary force to be reckoned with. If you’re looking for a taste of the ancient, where modern life clashes with a history that’s tangible, Athens holidays await you.

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