In the southwest of the Cyclades, Sifnos has slowly but surely taken hold as the unofficial King of Culinary of the Greek islands. An easy-going, unassuming oasis, its sizzling cuisine brings foodies far and wide to its shores, each one eager to try the hearty, traditional dishes that are as much a part of the island’s identity as its sleepy streets and jaw-dropping sunsets. Everything is fresh and packed with flavour. Wander the island’s cobbled roads and you’ll be hit with the delicious aromas of almond pastries, orange biscuits, chickpea soup and the day’s catch cooking in the open air. Head to one of the island’s many tavernas,
order a jug of house wine and treat your taste buds with fresh falafel; stuffed eggplant; lamb stew cooked in red wine over the fire in casserole dishes that have been in the family for years; and finish your banquet with honey pie, an island favourite. Culinary kudos aside, Sifnos is an island of tranquillity - mule tracks, whitewashed churches, quaint villages, olive groves and a steep landscape that plunges into the sparkling Mediterranean, all combine to make it a true Greek postcard. Its capital, Apollonia, sits atop of the island and has a vibrant nightlife, reminiscent of Mykonos before it attracted the masses. Tummies full and tans topped up, be sure to always end Sifnos holidays on the rooftop of one of the Apollonia’s many cool bars, cocktail in hand, warm breeze in the air and the sound of the waves lapping below. Dreamy.

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