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Our Favourite Farm to Fork Experiences

Our Favourite Farm to Fork Experiences

Food is so much more than its nutritional necessity and caloric value. It serves as a powerful symbol of cultural identity, unites communities as the centre of celebrations and offers a taste of a country’s enduring traditions. With all this in mind, we’d advise seeking out locally sourced ingredients to guarantee as authentic an experience as possible – this is where farm-to-fork food comes in. Also known as agrotourism, farm-to-fork dining has fast become one of the hottest trends in travel. It champions garden-grown goods and close-to-home suppliers, to create fresh, flavoursome and traditional recipes. Yet despite this speedy rise to recognition, the movement is all about slowing things down; restaurants opt for small-scale local farms and seasonal produce, making their menus both greener and cleaner (and very tasty). If you, too, like to know exactly where your food has come from, read on for a list of our favourite farm-to-fork dining experiences…


Trattoria Terra Madre, Puglia


As the birthplace of the Slow Food Movement, Italy knows a thing or two about home-grown cuisine. Celebrating food that is locally grown and made to be appreciated, the movement began as a protest on the intended site of a McDonald’s in Rome in the 1980s. Trattoria Terra Madre in Puglia embodies the farm-to-fork philosophy by using the best fresh seasonal produce to make delicious dishes. During the winter, their organic garden offers up carrots, cabbage, spinach, onions and chickpeas, while the summer months bring aubergines, tomatoes and peppers. These combine to create nourishing roasted vegetable dishes, preceded by homemade bread and topped off with artisanal desserts.


Food Circle, Comporta


Get an authentic taste of Portugal at Food Circle, part of the Sublime Comporta resort, situated south of Lisbon. More than merely a restaurant, the eatery offers an experience informed by sustainability and the principles of permaculture. Dine beneath the stars in the centre of their organic garden, while watching chefs expertly whip up dishes comprised of ingredients grown only metres away. Think grilled prawns, suckling pig and seasonal veg, all paired with a selection of Portugal’s finest wines.


Tramuntana Farm, Bunyola


For farm fresh dishes against a bucolic backdrop, look no further than Mallorca’s Tramuntana Mountains. Tucked away between the soaring peaks and cerulean sea, Tramuntana Farm hosts regular themed dinner parties that showcase the best of the Mallorquin site’s seasonal produce. The event itself is a four-stage occasion; upon arrival, you’ll be served homemade soft drinks or cocktails crafted from local wine and home-grown produce. Next, you’ll be treated to a farm tour to see the fresh ingredients at their source, before settling down at the long tables and tucking into your feast. Freshly baked bread with homemade cheeses and crisp crudités, followed by a five-course meal served family style, finished up with sweet treats, coffee and digestifs. Visitors can also book onto agricultural classes to learn about vegetable growing, animal rearing and the latest developments in sustainable farming.


Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, Oxfordshire

United Kingdom

Frequently topping farm-to-fork lists, this not-so-hidden gem in the Oxfordshire countryside is the proud owner of two Michelin stars and a Michelin Green star, for upholding ethical and environmental standards. Located in a historic manor house ringed by lush gardens, the magnificent setting matches up to the extraordinary quality of the food. The menu (which also caters to vegetarians and vegans) features seven-courses, with the aforementioned gardens supplying over 250 types of fruit and vegetables to the restaurant. A dedicated herb garden and mushroom valley also play their part, while the extensive wine list is filled with biodynamic and organic options. Luxury farm-to-fork dining doesn’t get much better than this…


Arpège, Paris


France’s typically rich cuisine may not initially appear to lend itself to farm-to-table dining. Enter Arpège, a three-Michelin starred restaurant that will make you re-think any preconceived ideas about Parisian cooking. The brainchild of esteemed chef Alain Passard, Arpège became predominantly veggie in 2001 and since then has been whipping up creative and mouth-watering dishes using fresh produce from Passard’s own farms. Ingredients are brought in daily and the menu is ever-changing, with some standouts including bay leaf-flavoured vegetable sushi and autumnal ravioli accompanied by amber consommé. For those with a sweet tooth, their signature dessert is warm apple tart, topped with sugared almonds and a caramel drizzle.

Written by Luisa Watts