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South Tyrol in northern Italy is one of the most beautiful and interesting places I’ve ever visited, with mountainous landscapes and an intriguing mix of Austrian and Italian culture. Head to the mountains for a cabin in the woods experience with hikes, wildlife and delicious local produce aplenty.

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Susie Thorne

Original Travel Expert

I have extensive travel experience throughout Australia, New Zealand, New York, Hong Kong, Malta, Mauritius, Canada and Italy.

My travels

Loften Islands Northern Lights

Travel Things I Want To Do Before I Die

  • Road trip through Norway, right up to the amazing Lofoten Islands
  • Learn to dive!
  • Take a foodie tour through South America
  • Explore the wilds of Madagascar
Brooklyn Bridge

Best Moments

  • Eloping to New York City then eating pizza and drinking champagne under the Brooklyn Bridge as our wedding lunch
  • Road tripping around the North and South Islands of New Zealand
  • Whale watching in Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Walking part of the Great Wall of China
Xian Bridge

Toughest Travel Moment

  • Getting lost in Xi'an, China, in -5℃, carrying 30kgs and speaking no Mandarin at all
New York Subway

Weirdest Travel Moment

  • Being on the subway from Brooklyn to Manhattan in a wedding dress with everybody else commuting to work. No one batted an eyelid

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Love is Patient: How to Honeymoon in 2021 and 2022

We've been admirably resourceful during lockdown, with Zoom calls allowing us to celebrate birthdays, office drinks and anniversaries. Weddings, however, are another matter entirely, and rather than make do digitally, couples have quite rightly chosen to add "I Do's" to their "To Do's"…

girl with open arms

Countries Welcoming Brits with Open Arms

If you could take a sneak peek into the future, what would you look for? In 'normal times' the answer might be this Saturday's lottery numbers, or the next Grand National winner, but right now all our wanderlust-saturated minds want to know is where we'll be able to travel again this summer.

Digital Backpacking: Where to Visit Virtually in February Half Term 2021

After the post-Christmas wind-down weeks and the January blues, many families look forward to a trip away for February half term to re-energise and reset. February half term 2021 may look a little different, but while we may not be able to enjoy an actual escape from the British winter this…

Hiker on Utah rock

So Many Questions...

With lockdown ending, vaccines coming along like London buses and quarantine restrictions slashed, things are finally looking up. They're also moving fast, which tends to throw up more questions than answers. Enter the cavalry (that's us). Granted, we can't untangle the complications of…

A Perfect Day: 24 Hours in New York City

Feeling overwhelmed trying to plan the perfect day in New York? Big Apple enthusiast and Original Travel Content Manager, Susie Thorne, tells us exactly what to do with 24 hours in New York to get the best out of this vibrant and culture-filled city.

Baby On Board: The Best Holiday Destinations with a Baby or Toddler

New parents: welcome to the exciting world of family travel. You may have to make a few (temporary) compromises to your travel habits, but we're here to help with the transition. What you're ideally looking for at this nascent stage is child-friendly hotels that are also wonderfully parent…

Solitary Sojourns: The Least Crowded Places in the World to go on Holiday

While some of us are bursting to escape the quiet and re-join the crowds again after being in some sort of lockdown for the past few months, many of us are dreaming of prolonging the relative solitude with a break away from the crowds in a remote little corner of the world. If you're in the…

Sweden Through The Seasons

They say you're not supposed to have favourites, but we have to admit to a few, and Sweden is most certainly one. That's why we had a little (virtual) celebration at Original Travel last week when it was announced that Sweden was officially coming off the Foreign Office quarantine naughty…

Travel for Good: How to Support Wildlife Conservation

He's only gone and done it again. In his documentary last night Extinction: The Facts, Sir David Attenborough focussed on the impact of climate change on animal extinction, and made a powerful plea for us all to do our bit to help support wildlife conservation. We've been having the…

gondola venice

Travelling in the New Normal - Experiencing Venice Without the Crowds

Travelling in the time of coronavirus can be a daunting prospect. There's the concern about the flight or train journey getting there - something travellers Nadine and Matt reported on for us (spoiler: the conclusion is that it's totally fine) - and then what is it going to be like when you…

The Best Places to Snorkel in Europe

We love the underwater world - so much so that we have a whole specialist Original Diving team dedicated to curating itineraries for diving holidays - and it's no secret that we're also pretty enamoured with Europe. Although the sunny shores and warm waters of far flung destinations such as…

Where We’d Like To Be: The Ultimate European Road Trip

We're partial to a travel daydream, and lately we've been particularly taken with the idea of a retro road trip through Europe, motoring through picture perfect countryside, delving into the nooks and crannies of culture-filled cities and sampling the continent's best food and wine as we go.…

The Original Travel Quiz: Week 4

Family quiz, friends' quiz, work quiz... lockdown has really got us exercising those general knowledge muscles. The hardest part? Finding fresh questions each week. While you might be able to recycle a few questions here and there, if you find yourself in desperate need of new material, look…

Beer, Chocolate, Boutiques and Moules Frites: What to do on a Weekend in Brussels

Brussels - the birthplace of the European Parliament, Jean-Claude van Damme and the Marmite of Christmas side dishes, the mighty sprout. Although this petite Belgian city is often overlooked as yet another boring administrative government centre, in reality Brussels is full to the brim with…

costa rica forest

Go on an Online Adventure with Original Travel and Oppidan Education

We have partnered with the leading children's mentoring firm Oppidan Education to offer families the chance to learn about the world remotely, and enjoy online adventures, until the time soon when we are all able to visit again for real.

Flam Railway Norway Listing

Keep Track! Our Top Five Train Journeys That Are Better Than Plane Journeys

They say that the journey is as important as the destination, but let's face it: flying is pretty boring, not to mention environmentally suspect (although, if you haven't heard, we do off-set 100% of air and ground travel for all clients and staff), so we want to sing the praises of an…

Beyond the Beach: Our Favourite Beach Holidays with Culture

Confession time. While we might sing the praises of wild destinations and final frontiers made for intrepid adventurers, we're also partial to the occasional indulgent beach holiday where you can spend your days worshipping that holy trinity of sun, sea and sand. However, some of favourite…

Rural Guyana Listing Image

Off-The-Beaten-Track Holidays

They say three is the magic number but really we all know it's 57,268,900. It is, after all, the landed area of Earth in square miles - positively spacious, we think you'll agree. It would seem that there's a whole world of, well, world out there to explore. Which can be hard to believe when…

spring flowers in a basket

The Best Spring Holidays for 2020

Want to put the spring back in your step after the dark doldrums of winter? We've got just the ticket, and with Easter plus two May bank holidays, spring is one of the best times of year for an epic escape. Here's where to go in spring 2020…

Honeymoons 2020

Top Honeymoon Destinations for 2020

There is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to honeymoons. Some want pure beachside R&R - and rightly so, we would always recommend some downtime as part of a honeymoon (never underestimate how tired you'll be after the months of preparation and wedmin) - while others want to start…

How to Travel Responsibly: Rainforest

How to Travel Responsibly: Our Top Tips

Responsible travel, sustainable travel, eco-travel - call the concept what you will, but these buzzwords are making waves, and with good reason. We all want to safeguard our beloved planet, but we don't want to (and shouldn't) give up travel altogether, so how can we create the conditions…

Marco 'Solo' - Our Top Solo Travel Destinations for 2020

Sometimes, being selfish isn't such a bad thing, and packing your bags and jetting off on a solo adventure is, arguably, one of those times. Travelling on your own is the best way to do exactly what you want to do; no waiting for someone else, missing out on an activity, or - even worse -…

Slow Amazing - Our Favourite 'Slow Travel' Destinations for 2020

Here at Original Travel, we're big believers in the benefits of Slow Travel (which we define as travelling by modes of transport other than plane or car; such as train, horse, walking, biking, boating and more). As well as giving you the chance to appreciate and connect with your…

Family Sabbatical Listing Image

Our Top Tips for Travelling Together on Sabbatical

We've already talked about the potential for anxiety when leaving everyday life and - more importantly - friends and family behind during a sabbatical, but now it's time to get practical. Whether you want to counter those fears by taking family with you, or by having friends visit, or if you…

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