Riksgransen Holidays: An Overview

Deep in the Arctic Circle, Riksgransen is Europe's northernmost ski resort, where skiing continues well into June, and the midnight sun barely sets. Right on the border with Norway (Riksgransen means 'border town'), skiing here starts in February, although there is snow long before then, just a distinct lack of daylight.

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  • What's not to like about skiing at midnight?

Riksgransen: the Detail

There are plenty of runs for the less advanced skier, but Riksgransen really prides itself on the quality of its off-piste skiing in often knee-deep powder. The heli-skiing is extensive, with numerous peaks within easy reach of the resort. All the guides are expertly trained, and the pilots know the surrounding area intimately. As many as five peaks can be attempted in one day.

As midsummer approaches, the sun barely drops below the horizon, and on some nights in late May and even early June the lift system is open until one o'clock in the morning. The surrounding wilderness also allows for alternative activities such as cross-country skiing and snow-shoeing. In addition, the world famous Ice Hotel is just over two hour's drive away.

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