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The Original Travel team have travelled far and wide through the islands of Indonesia, visiting the most romantic hotels, surfing and sampling all the best spa treatments.

All in the name of research, naturally, and what we've concluded is that Bali and Lombok make excellent honeymoon hangouts. No great revelation there, but these tropical, volcanic islands really do offer beautiful beaches and scenic landscapes of terraced hills, together with cultural attractions, and all kinds of water and land-based activities.

A Honeymoon in Bali is eternally popular (for good reason) - this predominantly Hindu island sits in the middle of the world's largest Muslim nation, and its coast is home to some of the beachfront hotels in the world.

Just 40 miles east of Bali and reached by a two-hour boat trip or a short flight is the island of Lombok. Again the accommodation and service is immaculate, and you can enjoy all kinds of watersports including excellent snorkelling and diving on the coral reefs of the nearby Gili Islands. While the beach-lovers relax on powdery sands, the adventurous Honeymooners can head inland, trekking to Sasak villages, waterfalls and even tackling the inimitable Mount Rinjani on an overnight camping adventure.

Now while Bali and Lombok are a perfect Honeymoon pairing, the Indonesian archipelago offers up plenty of other delights to take a Honeymoon from memorable to mind-blowing.

Take Java. Indonesia's most populous island could seem overwhelming at first but move away from the cities and you'll find endless views of verdant rice paddies, charming villages and some truly luxurious hotels ranging from charming Joglo houses with private plunge pools in the heart of the Javanese countryside, to island escapes where the guests are joined by nesting sea turtles on the coral beaches.

The Komodo Islands archipelago is blessed with simply incredible beaches ranging from volcanic black to pure white to soft pink, vibrant coral reefs, first class scuba diving and the infamous Komodo Dragons, found nowhere else on earth. Kick off your shoes and hole up in a rustic beach resort, or take things up a level with a luxurious boat charter.

For the off-the-beaten-track beach lover, there is no hotter Honeymoon hangout than Nihiwatu on the island of Sumba. The islands only 5* hotel offers spoiling private pool villas, delicious Indonesian cuisine, a perfect sand beach and even its very own wave for the surf fans among you.

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