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It's virtually impossible to find a village or town in Greece that doesn't feature some sort of ancient relic or historical site, such is the extent to which its many invaders (everyone from the Venetians to the Arabs, Latin Crusaders and Romans) have left their mark. And yet to only talk of Greece in terms of historical monuments is to merely scratch the surface of this Mediterranean tour de force. Think beautiful beaches, sparkling waters, the freshest seafood and some surprisingly decent wine to boot.

Here at Original Travel, every holiday we plan is completely tailored to the client and the below itineraries are designed to give you a flavour of the kinds of thing we can create…

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Santorini 'Minimoon'

This mini-moon comprises seven days in Santorini, perhaps the most scenic of the Greek islands, formerly known as ‘Kalliste’, meaning ‘most beautiful one’. Escape to Santorini’s black-sand shores, rugged volcanic landscape, and traditional blue and white stucco towns. From the charming towns of...
Approximate budget per person: £1,625

Family Adventures in Athens and Crete

A two week family adventure in Athens and Crete. Past and present, ancient and modern, Athens balances its historic landmarks with its artsy neighbourhoods and lively cafes. Travel from the oldest capital on earth to the diverse island of Crete, and discover everything from dramatic mountain...
Approximate budget per person: £2,890

Luxurious Peloponnese

16 days in the Peloponnese. The birthplace of Greek legends such as Hercules and Paris of Troy, the Peloponnese region retains a mythological charm. Separated from the mainland by the Corinth Canal, the peninsula has been inhabited by a number of civilizations, and is scattered with Mycenean,...
Approximate budget per person: £6,150

Honeymoon in the Peloponnese

A two week honeymoon in the Peloponnese. In one of the world’s oldest cities, explore the two UNESCO world heritage sites of the Acropolis of Athens and the medieval Daphni Monastery. Travel around the Peloponnese, through the foothills of mountains, across sandy beaches, and to see striking...
Approximate budget per person: £2,620

Island Hopping in Greece

An eight day hop, skip and jump from one lovely Aegean island to another.
Approximate budget per person: £2,300

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