Home to the city of love, it’s not hard to see why France is one of our favourites for holidays pour deux. This wonderfully elegant country has been seducing travellers with its familiar culture, world-class art and iconic architecture for centuries. Playing host to many a romance, city chic oozes from Parisian bistros and country charm bursts from small-town market stalls. Indulge in warm croissants and stop off for a plat du jour (dish of the day) after all, here culinary excellence is a way of life. Lyrical landscapes take visitors on a varied journey from the sands and cliffs of the north and the lavender fields of Provence,
to the shores of the Mediterranean in sunny Saint-Tropez. Whether you are swimming in the clear waters of a deserted cove in Corsica, or strolling through the gardens of Versailles, there is oodles of romance waiting for you on any France couples holidays.

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