The Greeks used to call the island of Corsica 'Kaliste', meaning ‘the most beautiful’ – and with good reason. Corsica is a place that can’t be tamed - the wildly diverse terrain ranges from idyllic crystal-clear beaches and lush nature reserves to jagged rock formations that make it the most mountainous island in the Mediterranean. You'll find smooth granite boulders that wouldn't look out of place in the Seychelles, turquoise lakes tucked into hollows among the peaks and sandy coves offering the perfect haven for undisturbed sun worshipping. But if you’d rather immerse yourself into this idiosyncratic island's history,
Corsica holidays can also be jam-packed with culture. While nominally French, Corsica was formerly part of the Genoese empire, and remains a fusion of influences. Mingle with the smiling locals at a beachside bar and taste Corsican delicacies like wild boar, smooth local cheeses and pretty decent wines. Centuries on, it’s still just as easy to see why the Greeks were so impressed.

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The skiing was great – so much snow (almost too much) and the place we stayed in Tignes was great. Paris was great – The Keppler was perfect. It was very friendly, comfortable, efficient and well located. A great weekend, thanks for arranging it. Great recommendations!
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