Aquitaine, an area once ruled by the Romans, is now a cluster of vibrant French departments bordered by quaint seaside towns and the Pyrenees Mountains. It would be worth the trip just for the exceptional cuisine, from the Sauternes wine in Saint-Émilion and the oysters in Arcachon Bay, to the fois gras in Landes and the ham in Bayonne. Even vegans will be spoiled for choice, seeing red in the cherry jams of Itsatsu and the peppers of Espelette, or black and white in the region’s finest truffles. But there’s more to Aquitaine & South-West France holidays than the food. Visit for the sea, lapping
against the carved coast of Biarritz and rippling gently in Arcachon Bay. Find a surfer’s paradise on the infinite sandy beaches of the Silver Coast and a hiker's holy place among the Pyrenees Mountians which are scattered in walking trails in the summer and skiing slopes in the winter. See the red and white villages of the Basque Country, and inhale the sweet scent of resin in the Landes forest. Most of all you’ll remember the people; whether it’s at the rugby, the ferias (traditional festivals), or simply the smiling locals.

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