Kayaking in the Stockholm Archipelago

Stockholm is one of the most attractive cities in Europe, but to visit here without taking in the nearby Archipelago would be to miss out on a major part of Stockholmers’ lives.

In summer, the 25,000 islands that compromise the Archipelago are an (extremely beautiful) adventure playground for the city's inhabitants to enjoy, with some of the bigger, inhabited islands hosting regular sailing regattas, and colourful clapboard houses used as weekend retreats dotted around in secluded bays.

It's all rather perfect, but we think there is one particularly lovely way to explore - kayaking. This easiest of activities to pick up is ideal in the calm waters that stretch between islands, and we can arrange day trips or trips including makeshift overnight camping on deserted and remote islands, all either guided, or self-guided.

On a self-guided overnight trip, we provide kayaks, instruction, camping equipment and food, and this is a truly original and romantic way to experience these wonderful surroundings.

Why We Love It

Getting well and truly away from the crowds on one of the smaller islands, watching the sunset with a well-earned beer and camping down for the night.

Tom, Original Traveller

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