Accommodation in Egypt is as diverse as its rich history and culture. And whether you’re seeking luxury, authenticity or affordability, Egypt has something for everyone. From opulent resorts to unique experiences, like Nile cruises and desert camps, the land of the Pharaohs offers myriad options to make your stay unforgettable. Historians, culture vultures and adventurers alike will be spoilt for choice when selecting lodgings, so read on to find out more about accommodation in Egypt.  

Stars and Standards

Hotels in Egypt are graded one to five stars and although standards in each category can vary, they are improving significantly, with more emphasis now placed on service and providing enhanced facilities. For example, all hotel categories must have wheelchair access and medical services. The choice of accommodation in Egypt depends on both your location and budget, and it’s advisable to book ahead in the winter months (the high season), as well as during major Islamic holidays.

Luxury Resorts and Hotels

Egypt is renowned for its opulent resorts and hotels, which provide a luxurious experience for those seeking the ultimate indulgence. From the bustling streets of Cairo to the serene beaches of the Red Sea, these accommodations offer a blend of modern amenities and traditional Egyptian hospitality. All the top resorts boast lavish lodgings, international restaurants, world-class spas, golf courses and infinity pools. Many also host entertainment for guests, such as belly dancing or musical performances.

Capital Stays

Many major international hotel chains, such as Marriott, the Four Seasons, the Grand Hyatt and Sofitel, have branches around Egypt and in the capital, Cairo, where some are situated along the banks of the Nile. Boutiques are few and far between in Egypt but they can be more personal and more private than the big five-star resorts. 

Coastal Bliss

Those who are beach bound will be spoilt for choice too, as Egypt’s coast is loaded with exceptional resorts. The Red Sea and Sinai hubs such as Hurghada, Marsa Alam and Sharm El Sheikh (famous for its stunning coral reefs and vibrant nightlife), offer a fantastic selection. They are typically good value and often feature private beaches and extensive facilities, such as international restaurants, blissful spas and multiple swimming pools. Most of the resorts on the Red Sea specialise in diving and snorkelling excursions, while all offer horse and camel-riding trips, as well as tours of the desert and archaeological sites. Over on the Mediterranean coast, lively Alexandria features several colonial-style boutique hotels on the Corniche, overlooking the sea.


For a more intimate experience, guesthouses provide a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. Family-run B&Bs tend to be on the more basic side when it comes to amenities, but are full of character. If you’re in the capital and looking for a quick stopover, consider staying in the lively downtown district with its convenient transport links and key tourist sites, including Old Cairo, the Egyptian Museum and Kahan Khalili Bazaar. You may feel tempted to stay near the Great Pyramid of Giza, but there’s little else to do around here, especially at night.

Unique Accommodations

Accommodation in Egypt is not only about luxurious hotels and cosy B&Bs; there are also some truly unique and unforgettable places to stay. These lodgings offer the opportunity to really immerse yourself in Egypt’s rich culture.

Nile Cruises

Embarking on a Nile cruise is like stepping back in time. A stay on the Steam Ship Sudan allows you to explore ancient temples and tombs, while enjoying the comfort of modern amenities onboard within a traditional steamship setting. Multi-day river cruises stop en route at ancient sites like the Valley of the Kings and Karnak in Luxor, as well as the islands of Aswan. If you choose to stay on land, you’ll have no shortage of options either, with Luxor offering some seriously swanky choices on the banks of the Nile.

Desert Camps

If you’re looking for adventure or would like to escape the crowds and spend some time in nature, staying in a desert camp delivers in spades (pardon the pun). From vast, timeless deserts to remote beaches hidden between the mountains and sea, Egypt’s best camping spots will show you a side to the country that you haven’t seen before. The Western Desert is awash with luxurious tents set amid surreal white rock formations, while the Sinai Peninsula presents the magical opportunity of sleeping beneath the starry desert sky.


Eco-lodges are a relative newcomer to Egypt’s hotel scene, however there are some impressive environmentally friendly options – often tucked away in secluded locations – that offer excellent access to the country’s natural wonders. These establishments blend seamlessly into their surroundings, showcase traditional Nubian architecture and offer a glimpse into the local way of life.

As you can see, the selection of accommodation in Egypt is extensive. Our Egypt experts can craft your itinerary to include a selection of hand-picked hotels and unique excursions, so you can experience Egypt in all its glory and at its most authentic. 

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