Honeymoon Spain

Glorious sunshine, rolling hills, picturesque villages, towns and cities, and arguably the best food in the world: tapas. What more could a couple of honeymooners want?

Spain may struggle to shake its package holiday persona but you need only scratch just beneath that surface to realise that Spain is a truly wonderful honeymoon destination. From the sophisticated hotels of Mallorca to the delightful architecture of Seville, the food and wine in San Sebastian and Rioja, and the beautiful beaches of Andalucia.

Anyone looking for a European mini-moon prior to jetting off to farther climes at a later date should seriously consider Spain. City breaks don't come much finer than Seville, with its mish-mash of Moorish, Baroque, Gothic and modern architecture and its seemingly endless sunshine, or the increasingly stylish and sophisticated Valencia.

If food and wine are the key ingredients in your Spanish honeymoon then a road trip through Basque country, around Bilbao, San Sebastian and Rioja should absolutely be on the menu. Mallorca has had something of a revamp in recent years with new boutique hotels popping up everywhere and a more discerning clientele patronising the island, making for a lovely Mediterranean honeymoon destination. If you literally want to fly post-wedding and flop on the beach or by the pool (weddings are exhausting, after all) then we can recommend some lovely spots in the Canary Islands, while those looking for something a little more off the beaten track without travelling to the other side of the world should consider Menorca.

Whatever you'd like from your honeymoon, it's fair to say there's something for everyone in Spain. Our team of experts will work with you to create a Spanish honeymoon to remember.

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