With over 6,000 inhabited islands to choose from, Indonesia may well be one of the best destinations for island hopping. Bali and Java tend to hog the limelight as the most popular islands in the Indonesian Archipelago but explore further afield and you’ll find plenty of hidden gems which make Indonesia island hopping well-worth the travel time. The twin treasures of Flores and Komodo can be visited in tandem, for authentic culture, rugged beauty and a more laid-back take on Bali’s lavish lifestyle. Lombok, Bali’s little sister, is characterised by Sasak villages, stunning temples and mouth-watering seafood,
while Sumatra is the place to immerse yourself in wild landscapes, with its untamed jungles and untouched beaches.

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We absolutely had a great time on our trip. The staff at Papua Paradise were absolutely top notch - everyone from the kitchen staff, to the bartender, to the front desk folks knew our names from day one. They absolutely went out of their way to make sure our stay there was very memorable. Your trip planning was spot on. We had folks waiting for us at every stop, which made everything almost too easy. You have our vote, and we'll definitely be planning our next major dive trip through you!
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