You really have to travel together to Japan. If you go alone, no one will believe your stories when you get back. It’s that incredible. And if you go alone, you’ll have no one to share those memories with. No, you need to set off for Japan in love. Japan is a country of extraordinary elegance and purity. Elegance in the sense that there’s no gush of excess emotion here - though you will be smitten by the place - and purity, both of the landscapes, and traditional aesthetic. Japan couples holidays will take you from a traditional ryokan inn by the beach to a luxury Tokyo skyscraper hotel, via pristine landscapes,
Onsen hot springs and spectacular volcanic lakes.

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Our feedback in the initial phone call was clearly taken on board by Frances to create a great itinerary for us. All of the hotels were clean, comfortable and with wonderful staff. We really loved our three nights in Tenyu and wished we could have stayed longer. Thank you so much for recommending Hakone, it was just the downtime we needed. We really enjoyed our time there. Audrey and the rest of the in-country concierge team were very helpful getting into restaurants etc.
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