From the silhouette of Mount Fuji to the traditional teahouses of Kyoto, from Tokyo’s electric streets to the paradise beaches of the Izu islands, Japan summer holidays can take a thousand forms. The climate varies hugely: from the snow-covered mountains to pristine beaches of the coast, and over 2,000 miles from north to south, so there are infinite ways to enjoy your summer in Japan. If the intense heat of the southern archipelago makes a trip to Tokyo no go, then simply take off on a hiking trail in one of the nine national parks in Hokkaido and Tohoku. Between the fabulous temples and the stunning natural landscapes,
your holiday in Japan guarantees you a complete change of scene.

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Our feedback in the initial phone call was clearly taken on board by Frances to create a great itinerary for us. All of the hotels were clean, comfortable and with wonderful staff. We really loved our three nights in Tenyu and wished we could have stayed longer. Thank you so much for recommending Hakone, it was just the downtime we needed. We really enjoyed our time there. Audrey and the rest of the in-country concierge team were very helpful getting into restaurants etc.
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