Love is Patient: How to Honeymoon in 2021 and 2022

Love is Patient: How to Honeymoon in 2021 and 2022

We've been admirably resourceful during lockdown, with Zoom calls allowing us to celebrate birthdays, office drinks and anniversaries. Weddings, however, are another matter entirely, and rather than make do digitally, couples have quite rightly chosen to add ""I Do's"" to their ""To Do's"" lists. That means that there will be many more nuptials and, consequently, honeymoons in 2021 and 2022.

We've long been experts in this most important of holiday types so whether you're getting hitched yourself or know someone who is getting married, we'd be delighted to help out with the honeymoon plans.

We have no fewer than three brides-to-be in the Original Travel team, all of whom have different plans for how to honeymoon, and you can hear their insider intel on the respective merits of minimoons, maximoons and more, below. In the meantime, one of our travel experts will take care of all of the logistics for you, and our new Flexibility Promise means that you can change your plans up to 30 days before you depart.


Jacqui - Asia Travel Specialst

We've delayed our wedding from March to December 2021 and it's meant changing honeymoon plans. We were always planning on taking a mini-moon directly after the ceremony (location TBC), but now we'll be waiting until spring 2022 to take the full honeymoon. And when we do, we'll be going all out. It was important to us to choose a destination neither of us had been to before, so we're hoping to head to Botswana on safari. It's been on the bucket list for years, and after months of lockdowns and having to postpone, the honeymoon is the perfect excuse to properly treat ourselves.'


Olivia Lee - Marketing Executive

'We got hit twice by the pandemic postponements. Originally booked for summer 2020, the wedding was moved to summer 2021 and then again to summer 2022. A lot of couples we know were planning on a minimony (yes, that's a mini ceremony!) followed by a mini-moon, then doing the full reception and a properly indulgent honeymoon later on, to somewhere we've always wanted to go, like the Maldives. A honeymoon is one of the most important holidays you'll ever take, so you want to book in advance with an expert to make sure it's all perfect, but with the knowledge that you can change it if you need to. We may even go on holiday for the date of our first postponement this summer to make up for the second time our wedding date should have come around, but I haven't thought of a catchy phrase for that yet... a should-have-been-moon?'


Harriet Harford - Europe Travel Expert

'We're planning a September wedding as there's a good chance the restrictions will be lifted by then, so both our mini-moon and honeymoon will be based on the season. Straight after the ceremony we're planning on cosying up somewhere in Europe for three or four nights away to start married life, then we'll have our full honeymoon in November. We're yet to decide on a location but flexibility is important in case anything changes.'