Stockholm City Breaks: An Overview

One of the most appealing cities in Europe, Stockholm has the added attraction of a vast archipelago of islands within easy striking distance of its centre.

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Why we think you’ll love it

  • The Vasa Museum, containing the remarkably well-preserved hull of the Swedish navy's flagship that sank on her maiden voyage in 1628, is without doubt one of the finest museum's in the world

Luxury City Breaks in Stockholm: The Detail

Stockholm is built on a series of islands, and in the depths of winter, when the sea is frozen solid, children can be seen ice skating to school past the enormous Royal Palace.

There is a wide range of top class museums (check out the Vasa Museum in particular) and attractions, stylish and luxurious hotels, and excellent restaurants showcasing the very best in what is a resurgent cuisine. Add a plethora of bars and some extremely chic clubs, and Stockholm is as much fun when the sun goes down as it is during the days - which can be brief in the extreme during the deep winter months.

In summer the beautiful and diverse islands of the archipelago come into their own, and city dwellers flock to their holiday homes and take to the crystal clear waters of the Baltic in yachts and kayaks.

There are a number of excellent hotels out in the archipelago, but it is just as easy to take a day trip to the likes of Sandhamn Island, where there are often sailing regattas.

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