Luxury Italian Holidays

More UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other country on the planet, food that is tantalisingly close to perfection and landscape that has something for pretty much everyone. Sold.

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Why we think you’ll love it

  • Pizza, pasta, coffee and ice cream. Often imitated, never bettered and rarely sold at such thoroughly reasonable prices. The south of Italy, particularly Puglia and the Campania region (including the Amalfi coast) is perhaps best for the food
  • Rome, the "Eternal City". History at every turn, with more jaw-droppingly grandiose architecture than anywhere else
  • The Dolomites - Europe's undiscovered skiing gem. If mind-melting scenery and low-key Michelin-starred eateries on a budget are your thing, you'll love this superb skiing area

Luxury Italian Holidays: The Detail

You may not have cottoned on yet, but we're major fans of Italy and all it has to offer for a luxury holiday. Where do we start? The fact that Rome has a vibrancy and buzz that is almost indescribable. Not to mention that it has more must-see cultural attractions than you can shake a stick at. Perhaps it's the stark contrast between the glitz and glamour of the Amalfi Coast and the relatively undiscovered gem that is Puglia. Or maybe it's the cultural overdose of sights to be experienced in the small area of Sicily, from classical ruins to picture perfect beaches. And that's before we even mention Florence or Venice. It's a heady mix and, in our humble opinion, Italy is the whole package when it comes to luxury holidays.

Did you know

  • The name Italy comes from the word 'italia', meaning 'calf land'
  • Italy has more volcanoes than any other country in Europe
  • There are two independent states within Italy: the Republic of San Marino (25 square miles) and the Vatican City (just 109 acres)
  • In 2007, a dog named Rocco discovered a truffle in Tuscany that weighed 3.3 pounds. It sold at auction for $333,000; a world record for a truffle

We've been sending clients on luxury Italian holidays since we started out, and as well as being home to some of the most popular regions in the world (think Rome, Venice, Tuscany), it is also perfect for those who want to experience something a little more off the beaten track. The Dolomites remain a relatively undiscovered skiing gem and even less appreciated is that they are a gorgeous place to visit during the summer months. There are activities galore (think walking, cycling, riding, Via Ferrata mountaineering) and, as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the views aren't bad either. Puglia, on the heel of Italy's boot, has garnered more and more attention over the last couple of years but remains relatively undiscovered and is well worth exploring, if only for the legendary trulli houses.

Private Luxury Villas in Italy

There's something particularly alluring about the Italian way of life. As far as we're concerned, it really doesn't get much sweeter than la dolce vita, and staying in a luxury villa in Italy - be it in the hills near Florence or by the beach in Sardinia - it's the consummate way to spend a summer soggiorno.

Parade around the narrow streets of a Tuscan hilltop town on a sunset passeggiata or sample fresh Sardinian white wines at a seafront restaurant as oligarch-laden megayachts glide by - it's all part and parcel of an Italian luxury villa holiday, and Original Travel knows the finest luxury villas around.

When to go...

From April to June and late September to October are the best months for travelling in Italy; the temperatures are usually mild and the crowds aren't quite so intense. Starting in mid-June, the summer rush really picks up, and from July to mid-September the country goes on vacation at least from august 15 to the end of the month, and many Italians take off the entire month. Many hotels, restaurants, and shops are closed (except for spas, beaches, and islands, where 70% of Italians head).

Our fantastic Europe team are here to help with every detail of your trip, from where to eat the best Tagliatelle Vongole ever (at the Monastero Santa Rosa on the Amalfi Coast in case you were actually wondering) to what time of day is best to visit Rome's main attractions. In essence, Italy is an oldie but a goodie when it comes to luxury holidays, which is why we've sent hundreds of our clients there in the past and will continue to do so until the end of time. Enough said.

Top picks for Italy

Blue Grotto, Capri

Blue Grotto

Capri & Ischia

A natural phenomenon and major attraction on the island of Capri, the Blue Grotto definitely lives up to its billing.

What to do

Capri Beach, Italy

Boat Trips

Capri & Ischia

While nothing beats a traditional passagiatta or wandering around the streets at sunset marvelling at the sites of Capri or Anacapri, a boat trip gives a sense of the dramatic nature of the island and allows visits to parts of the island not accessible by land. Plus you'll feel impossibly glamorous while doing it.

What to do

Beach, Sardinia

The Maddalena Archipelago


Rent an inflatable rib and head over to the beautiful Maddalena Archipelago where the uninhabited islands have pink sand beaches and the water is as clear as any in the world.

What to do

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