Itinerary Highlights
    • Brimming with architectural gems, enchanting piazzas, rustic trattorias, excellent food and secluded beaches, Puglia is an alluring Italian destination
    • Travel at your own pace through this must-see region, spending time in the countryside and the coves of the Adriatic
    • Stay in luxury accommodations that are characterful, chic and elegant
    • Explore the trulli trail with expert guides for a genuine taste of southern Italy

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Sitting pretty on the heel of Italy's boot, Puglia is trending for good reason. More off the beaten track than its Tuscan and Venetian neighbours, it’s nonetheless iconic and loaded with southern charm, making it the perfect place for a tailor-made road trip. Explore Puglia in your own time, touring Italy's stunning countryside and endless olive groves, and stopping at plenty of villages and beaches along the way. Let scenic coastal drives knit together everything from medieval castles and Byzantine churches to azure sea and Matera’s ancient cave dwellings. Stay in an authentic masseria, a traditional farm building transformed into a trendy hidden hideaway, and pair guided tours of the region’s heritage towns and cities with indulgent gourmet experiences.
Wedged between the sea and Gargano National Park, Mattinata’s diverse scenery – from limestone plateaus and cliffs, to caves, sinkholes and natural arches – is made for hiking. Next, take the road south, to the trulli towns of Noci and Ostuni, which are bursting with the conical roofed houses for which Puglia is famed. Like a film set with a refined atmosphere, Lecce showcases the region’s culture and architecture – it’s a sun-soaked, laidback microcosm of the country. With only a few hours of driving between each stage (not counting the breaks to photograph beautiful buildings), your rental car offers you the freedom of the open road. Experience the heart and history of picturesque Puglia during an immersive trip that delivers a true taste of Italy.


Everything is 100% tailored to you


Head to the airport today for your two-hour-and-45-minute flight to Bari, making the most of the airport lounge facilities before boarding. Upon arrival in Italy, pick up your rental car for the first leg of your road trip, a scenic 45-minute drive to Matera. Nestled in the heart of Basilicata, this is a city steeped in history and charm. Known for its ancient cave dwellings, or sassi, this UNESCO World Heritage site has been inhabited for over 9,000 years. Some rock churches, decorated with beautiful frescoes, are open to the public while others have been turned into stunning accommodations. Settle in for two nights in an atmospheric, hillside hotel which invites you to wander between the cafes and galleries. This is a welcoming, quiet and sunny spot, with a laidback ambience.



After an indulgent hotel breakfast, get set for a private tour of the sassi. As you wander through the winding streets and alleys of Matera, you’ll be transported back in time to a bygone era. Honey-toned limestone hermitages, monasteries, houses and more are a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of the town’s inhabitants. Byzantine monks settled here during the Middle Ages, decorating their churches with intricate carvings and frescoes which have retained their beauty over centuries. You will discover, in the company of your expert guide, how the architecture beautifully blends with its natural environment.



The journey to Mattinata takes around two hours and 45 minutes. Settle in for two nights staying at the foot of the ‘Monte Sacro’, a hill known in antiquity as 'Dodoneo' and on which there is an ancient temple. The original village, a short distance from the sea, is lined with small narrow streets, old stone steps and historic buildings aplenty. It’s above all a popular seaside resort, and your hotel is ideally located with idyllic views of the beach. The rooms are comfortable and classic, the ambience is serene, and the service is excellent.



Just half-an-hour’s drive from Mattinata, Gargano National Park is a hidden gem that offers a special blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage. With its rugged coastline, pristine beaches and lush forests, it’s a paradise for bird lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. As you explore the park’s winding trails and hidden coves, you’ll be treated to breath-taking views of the Adriatic and the surrounding countryside. But Gargano is more than just a natural wonderland. The park also boasts a rich cultural heritage, with ancient ruins, medieval castles and charming fishing villages such as Vieste and Peschici dotting the landscape. Keen foodies can also choose to take a sojourn to the towering cliffs of Monte Sant'Angelo and taste the delicious local cheese, caciocavallo, during a visit to a local producer.



Take a scenic two-hour-and-15-minute drive to Noci, where you’ll be staying in a 17th-century masseria – a historic farmhouse which has been converted into a welcoming guesthouse. The buildings have been restored with great care and attention to detail to ensure guests enjoy modern comforts while experiencing the warm and authentic atmosphere of the old stone houses. The restaurant serves delicious local cuisine and the pool is an inviting place to cool off after your journey. What’s more, there are beautiful beaches just a short drive away and hiking trails surround the extensive olive groves.



Enjoy a private tour of Ostuni, also known as the ‘White City’ of Puglia. The Citta Bianca is exceptionally beautiful set atop the cliffs and its winding streets are steeped in history. One of the highlights of the tour is a visit to the town’s stunning Gothic cathedral, which dates back to the 15th century. With its intricate frescoes and soaring arches, it’s a masterpiece of Italian Renaissance architecture. An olive oil tasting completes the tour, but keen foodies can complement this with an optional cooking class in a local masseria.

DAYS 7 & 8


Discover the lesser-known villages of the Itria Valley, including Locorotondo’s pretty centre, which is characterised by narrow, winding streets and white-washed housed with conical roofs, known as trulli. Then head to livelier Martina Franca, renowned for its Baroque architecture and vibrant music festival. Finally, Ceglie Messipica is one of the oldest villages in Italy. Lose yourself in its historic alleys and piazze, before visiting the hilltop Catello Ducale which dominates the town, offering stunning views of the surrounding countryside.



Drive for one-hour-and-45-minutes to Lecce and check-in for three nights in another authentic and welcoming masseria. Surrounded by olive groves, vineyards and gardens, it offers a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, yet only a few steps from the sea. In addition to relaxing and enjoying the excellent home-cooked food, there are also plenty of activities to do in and around the masseria, such as walks and bike rides in the countryside, or visiting local towns and attractions and the beaches of the Salento peninsula.

DAY 10


While staying nearby, we recommend exploring the historic city of Lecce. Known for its stunning Baroque architecture, it’s fondly nicknamed the ‘Florence of the South’ and is a maze of narrow streets and alleys lined with beautiful buildings. One of the most famous landmarks is the Basilica di Santa Crocce, a Baroque masterpiece with an intricately carved façade. The city is bursting with architectural delights, including ornate churches, palaces and public buildings, all built from the local golden limestone.

DAY 11


Today, you’ll get to enjoy a glimpse behind-the-scenes of beautiful Lecce. Led by a friendly local guide, you’ll wander through walk the squares and along the most iconic streets of Barocco Leccese. Along the way, you’ll be invited to taste the mouth-watering Apulian pastries, just like a local. This is an informal walk around the city in the company of a city-dweller who knows its hidden gems as well as its famous sights.

DAY 12


Sadly, it’s time to say goodbye to picturesque Puglia. Drive back to Brindisi airport – a 40-minute journey – and return the rental car. Before boarding the plane, be sure to make the most of the airport lounge facilities to refresh and refuel before the two-hour-and-45-minute flight brings your magical trip to a close.

A la carte


Monte Sant'Angelo is a small town known for its stunning location on a hilltop overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Narrow white houses, cafes and restaurants lined the stepped alleys that tumble down the mountainside, many serving traditional Puglian dishes, as well as local wines and liqueurs. Its main attraction is the Sanctuary of Monte Sant’Angelo, a UNESCO World Heritage site that is one of the most important places of pilgrimage in Italy. The sanctuary is dedicated to the archangel Michael who is said to have ordered the construction of the cliffside chapels and crypts in the fifth century. At the end of the visit, you’ll head to an artisanal cheese factory to discover the secrets of making Caciocavallo, a delicious local cheese. Enjoy lunch, freshly prepared with local products of course, before heading back to your charming accommodation.


Wheat, olive oil, vegetables and fish are the backbones of Puglian cuisine. These are the hero ingredients behind the region’s famous dishes including a wide variety of pasta and breads, and rich and flavoursome sauces and sides. This cooking class begins in the vegetable garden of a masseria where you’ll pick the various fresh fruits and vegetables needed for the dishes you’ll be preparing. Once you’ve gathered your ingredients, you’ll head to the kitchen where your chef will guide you through the process step-by-step. At the end of the class, you’ll sit down to enjoy the meal you’ve prepared, accompanied by local wines and beverages. You’ll leave the class with a deeper understanding and appreciation of Puglian cuisine, as well as the skills and knowledge needed to recreate the dishes at home.


Your guide for the day is a passionate traveller who chose to settle in Lecce, seduced by the local ‘dolce vita’. He’ll introduce you to the secrets of the city that stole his heart. The tour typically begins in the historic centre, where you’ll start your journey through the winding streets and alleys. As you walk, your guide will point out the most important landmarks and attractions, including the Basilica di Santa Croce, the Piazza del duomo and the Roman amphitheatre. He likes to finish the tour at his home, on a shaded terrace overlooking the Duomo, while chatting over coffee, an aperitif or gelato. This is a great opportunity to discuss daily life in Puglia and the traditions that dot the region.

A Rough Idea of Price

Dependent on season, accommodation and activities
The estimated cost for this trip starts from £1,800 to £2,780 per person. The final cost of the trip depends on the way we tailor it especially for you. The final cost varies according to several factors, which include the level of service, length of trip and advance booking time. The exact price will be provided on your personalised quote. The average starting price for this trip is £2,170 per person.
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