Responsible travel is synonymous with slowing down and embracing the voyage as much as the destination. With no need to hurry from A to B, you can take the time to forge meaningful connections with the culture, people and past of Italy, and what better way to honour the journey than travelling by train (with the added bonus of greatly reducing your carbon emissions). Traverse the Tuscan countryside from Florence to Venice and wander through the wonderfully preserved historic centres and world-famous galleries, marvelling at awe-inspiring artworks. Take a break from the fast-pace of everyday life to roam the streets of Milan or Lecce,
and feel in tune with the rhythms of the natural world along the coast of Salento. Your ethical excursion will involve considered culinary choices, and if anywhere knows how to savour the preparation and consumption of food, it’s Piedmont in northwest Italy, where the concept of ‘slow food’ originated. We’ll take care of the details and if you do choose to fly, we’ll absorb 100% of your flight’s carbon emissions, so you can rest assured that you’re travelling as sustainably as possible. When it comes to Italy responsible travel, slow and steady certainly wins the race.

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We had a lovely time - the hotel was gorgeous - very comfy and in the perfect spot and they were very helpful and nice. Our two guides were excellent - very knowledgeable and interesting. It was great - all round! We were lucky and had beautiful weather too (blue sky and sun - but freezing, which was great). Thank you so much for everything - it was all perfect (transfer was great too).
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