In the shadow of its neighbour Tuscany, the ‘green heart’ of Italy beats quietly out of sight. Protected by the natural ramparts of its steep reliefs, Umbria remains relatively undiscovered, revealing itself only to those who venture into its chestnut forests, wander along its picturesque riverbanks and linger in its hilltop villages long enough to savour the flavours of the land. Umbria is both a foodie paradise and a region brimming with history in the form of medieval towns, palaces and churches. When travellers aren’t busy exploring stunning natural landscapes, Umbria holidays might involve
truffle hunting on the outskirts of Perugia or marvelling at Assisi’s fresco-filled basilica. What’s not to love?

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From start to finish the trip was exceptional and Harriet and the staff at Original Travel had everything laid out perfectly in advance so traveling from city to city was seamless. In addition the services provided by your concierges in each area were outstanding. The app is great and we used it constantly to keep up with our daily schedule. Between the tours and transfers between cities the app was an invaluable resource.
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