The city known as La Serenissima ('The Most Serene') has beguiled travellers for more than a millennium. Ever since a group of plucky refugees fleeing Atilla the Hun's rampaging hordes decided to make these marshy and (thankfully no longer) malaria-ridden islands their home, Venice has defied convention. This place that swapped roads for canals and cars for gondolas is unbearably romantic at every turn. Crumbling facades float on rippling waters, gondolas glide serenely by and the tangle of streets leaves you happily lost in a matter of minutes. Explore by foot or jump aboard a vaporetto (public water bus) to get around Venice-style.
Meander through the city at night when the warm lights dance on the water’s surface and hop across to the islands of Murano and Burano to escape the business of the city. As part of your Venice holiday, spend a lazy afternoon at the beach at the Lido di Venezia, a six-mile long sandbar, and soak up the dreamy views across to Venice.

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From start to finish the trip was exceptional and Harriet and the staff at Original Travel had everything laid out perfectly in advance so traveling from city to city was seamless. In addition the services provided by your concierges in each area were outstanding. The app is great and we used it constantly to keep up with our daily schedule. Between the tours and transfers between cities the app was an invaluable resource.
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