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Japan is a spectacular and unusual mix of tradition and modernity. While the country has fiercely held onto many of its ancient traditions and customs - keeping one foot firmly in the past - it has also been the forerunner in taking technology into the future. This innovation is never more evident than when it comes to train travel in Japan. The unbelievably fast (we’re talking up-to-185-miles-per-hour-fast) and efficient (we’re talking delays-are-measured-in-seconds-efficient) Shinkansen – or Bullet Trains - connect Japan’s major cities in the blink of an eye, while equally well-organised local and regional trains connect the major hubs to some of the lesser-known, untouched towns and islands where time has stood still.

This efficient and extensive network of trains means that Japan is one of the best places for a train holiday. Whether you want to take day trips out of bustling Tokyo; have a multi-stop holiday that takes in the highlights of Japan's main island Honshu; embrace undertourism and head to the smaller islands on Hokkaido in the north-east and Kyushu in the south-west, or go totally off the beaten track into rural towns and villages on the southern island of Shikoku, train is the way to go, and our team of experts can help you create a tailor-made Japan itinerary to suit you.

Although the Japan train systems are reasonably easy to navigate, it always helps to have someone on the ground to help you out, which is where our unbeatable Concierge service comes into its own. Our local Concierges know their destinations inside and out, are always on hand to help with last minute changes and recommendations, and speak the local language (infinitely useful in Japan, in particular) so if you're um-ing and ah-ing about exactly where to go for a last minute excursion or are having issues with figuring out the timetable and which tickets to buy, they have the insider tips to get you on track.

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