Malaysia’s famed tropical rainforests sprawl across almost 70% of the landscape and are filled to the brim with astonishing wildlife, placing the country within the category of megadiverse ecosystems. The hot and humid climate allows this flora and fauna to thrive, and with sections of the forest remaining unspoilt, some extremely rare creatures call Malaysia home. With some patience (and a little bit of luck), you might be able to spot Malayan tigers, Sumatran rhinoceros, clouded leopard and sun bears during your Malaysia wildlife holidays. Borneo is just one of the many jewels in Malaysia’s crown,
but a particularly polished one in terms of wildlife, with researchers discovering 52 new species here in 2005 alone.

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The refurbishment of the Datai has been remarkable - no expense has been spared. In particular the Beach Villas were extremely spacious & luxurious. The staff were very friendly & well trained & the 4 restaurants all were very good. Overall we had an extremely enjoyable & relaxing holiday
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