The bustling capital of Malaysia has all the components expected of an Asian city: towering sky scrapers, mega malls, busting street markets and lots of delicious cuisine to fuel days of exploration. Kuala Lumpur is a city packed with things to do and see. The capital is split into districts, with the most famous making up the Golden Triangle, where the primary shopping and nightlife areas can be found. The capital is relatively young, dating to the late 19th century when grand colonial buildings were erected. The modern capital quickly flourished, and the city became home to the world's tallest twin skyscrapers,
an icon of 21st century architecture. If you can stand the heat, the city is best explored on foot; if not just to soak up city life but also to stay away from the relentless road traffic, spread across six lanes in some parts. Stroll the markets and barter with the dealers in Chinatown for an antique, or head to one of the slick megamalls to drift amongst the halls of designer shops. If you're searching for culture, you'll find an injection of colour in the mosques and temples, belonging to the local Chinese, Indian and Malay communities.

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