The ancient Greek historican, Herodotus, called Egypt ‘the gift of the Nile’, and you can see why as you cruise along this extraordinary river which gives life to the desert it crosses: a long green ribbon of oasis bordering arid ochre land. Egypt winter holidays are, of course, all about exploring the ancient wonders of the pharaohs, but for a more intimate approach to the great sights, spend a few days sailing in Upper Egypt aboard a small, elegant Dahabiya sailboat. With only a few other passengers for company, you'll get to enjoy a gentler pace of life, far from the heaving crowds of tourists.
The perfect time to go is in February, when the light is pure, the temperatures aren't too hot and the Red Sea is at its prime. Consider adding in Cairo, for a hit of history, and you'll have a winter holiday that ticks all the boxes.

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Exploring Egypt was always my childhood dream but planning a trip to Africa felt like a daunting task. With the expert care and thoughtful collaboration of the entire Original Travel Team, my luxury trip became an unforgettable experience. I used to plan and travel solo but now I know I have incredible guides for anywhere I want to go next.
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