February half term. Spring may be on the horizon, but it’s a fair way off yet, and the Great British weather is likely to be at its least great. That can mean only one thing: February half term holidays. If you and the brood (mainly you) are craving a Vitamin D injection then there's a beach somewhere with your name on it or, if you're looking for an action-packed adventure, we've got some great suggestions up our sleeves too, including the finest family-friendly ski resorts in the Alps. So now we're agreed you're going away, that's the next decision: Heads = snow, ski slopes, action packed-adventure in the Alps,
long evenings tucked up by the fire or even the Northern Lights if you’re heading to the Arctic. Tails = winter sun, deckchair firmly planted in the sand, with land and watersports galore and today’s catch grilled to perfection on the beach. Our February half term holidays play for big stakes and throw open a huge range of options for what is - let's face it - a pretty miserable time of year at home. Choose mountains close to home or further afield, or escape the cold and flee to Morocco, the Caribbean, Mauritius, South Africa. Whether your February half term holiday is a long-held dream or a sudden urge, we will guide you.

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